I write stories. Most are centered around LGBT+ characters and most are not finished but I invite you to read them all. I have many more stories in the works but these are the ones I currently feel comfortable posting. (All rights are reserved and these stories are not to be used without permission.)



Tiger Love

by Drew V

Al and Chaz sat in the bleachers at the big game. The wind in Al’s hair, the sound of people screaming swear words, and the smell of beer and people smoking was all so, so disgusting but wonderful at the same time somehow. Chaz pulled on his dirty blonde hair with one hand, yelling, “No! No! That stance is all wrong!” Al chuckled. He wasn’t much for sports, he mostly just came to spend time with his best friend. Alwin Charleman, formerly Alicia Charleman, was starting his first college year with his friend, Charles “Chaz” Witwerd. Chaz was a tall, thin man who liked sports. He had blue eyes that shone like little diamonds and his teeth were white as snow. Al was a smaller, plumper boy who preferred reading but had fun with his friend anyway. Chaz and Al had been friends since they were little kids. Neither of them had a big plan in life so they just went to the same college to stay together because that was really all that mattered to them at the time. The teams playing the big game were the Greenhill Tigers and the Blackball Bulls. The Tigers were Chaz and Al’s team but they were not very good. They had won a few games but the Blackball Bulls had one every game this season! Chaz groaned as Clark Forthchester, the best player on the team, missed another ball. “Man, Al, they’re dying out there.” Chaz sighed. Chaz used to play baseball and he really loved it but unfortunately he hurt his hand before the game so the best he could do was watch. But, at least he was able to get good seats! The seats were perfect, overlooking the entire stadium. Al watched as Clark hit another strike. Clark and Al dated back when Al was Alicia but they had broken up. Chaz pulled Al closer to him, chuckling, “I can’t watch this, man! I’m gonna go get some snacks.” Al nodded, “Ok! I’ll save your seat!” Chaz smiled and walked away toward a man who was holding a hot dog out, yelling, “Gitchur hot dogs! Git ‘em fresh!”

Al sighed, watching the game. He felt like an alien. All the other people at his college, and even people who used to be his friend, stayed away from him now. What had changed? His name? What bathroom he uses? What clothing he wears? He was the same person! Why couldn’t they understand that? Chaz could. Only he could understand.

Chaz stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. One hand on each side of the sink, he told himself, “You can do it. It’s just like baseball, it’s either a hit or a miss and you’re gonna get a hit.” He looked down at the sink, resting his elbows where his hands had been and letting his hands rest in the sink. “I can’t do this…what’s he gonna say? I’m an idiot.” He shook his head, looking back into the mirror. “No! I can do this! I can do it!” He straightened out his hair and brushed off his shirt and then walked back to his seat. But, to make sure it didn’t look weird walking back empty-handed when he said he’d get snacks, he also bought a bag of chips, despite not actually being hungry.

Chaz sat down in his seat next to Al, who was watching the game intently. He looked down and then eased into putting his arm around Al. Al, shocked, jolted back and pushed Chaz’s arm away. “What are you doing?!” he asked. “I was just putting my arm around you!” Chaz replied. “What, you think I’m scared?! You think I’m a scared little girl?! I don’t need your pity! I knew you still see me as a girl!” Al yelled at Chaz. “Sorry, man!” Chaz gulped. “I don’t still see you as a girl…” he muttered, under his breath. Al looked at Chaz and then sighed. “Ugh…I’m sorry…I just feel kind of bad lately…it feels like everyone I care about is going away…” he mumbled, sadly. “I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“Al, I know things are rough right now but they will get better.” Chaz told him. “I promise. But, they aren’t going to get better if you push away your friends.”

“Why did you put your arm around me, anyway?” Al asked, confused. “I- uh….I- well….” Chaz looked down, desperately searching for an excuse. But, he decided to tell the truth. “I kind of…like you. Like…like like.”

“Like…like like? Like like?” Al asked. Chaz looked confused and then burst into laughter. “Like like like! But, seriously! I really like you. And not friend-like.”

Al smiled, “I like you, too!” He put his hand on Chaz’s back and pulled him down into a kiss just as one of the Greenhill Tigers hit a ball. The ball flew out of the stadium and the Tigers scored the point they needed to win the game.

The End

Don’t be too quick to judge…





Other Identities







by Drew V

Luis O’neil is a struggling writer. His partner of 5 years is Lucan who mysteriously leaves at night, makes a lot of money despite having not a very high-paying job at a cafe. And Luis is a little too curious for his own good.


Luis was a struggling writer. He lived in England and was currently on a new book. It was a romance novel about a man and a woman who fell deep in love but the woman found out that the man was a vampire! But vampires weren’t real…how would he write about one. He sat at his desk, pen to paper, for 20 minutes. Then 30, then 40, then 2 hours, then 3 hours, then 4 hours and finally Lucan got home. Lucan was Luis’s roommate and partner of 5 years. They had just recently moved in together last month and were happy living together. Lucan was strange…he was lazy yet when things needed to get done, he’d do them. He was passive and would never get too angry or get in a fight, although Luis never really got in fights either. He actually seemed rather emotionless. His skin was extremely light and his hair was blonde but his eyes were a striking red. Lucan wore contacts so Luis just assumed that the contacts made his eyes red to look cool. He had clean diction, one thing Luis lacked. Luis had a thick Brittish accent. Lucan was not very neat either, which Luis hated. Luis loved being neat and clean, he couldn’t stand bad smells or germs. Lucan always said Luis needed to “chill.” Luis was very uptight and he admitted it. He had brown hair and thick, round glasses. He had a tendency to push his glasses further up on his nose when he had writer’s block. He was a novel writer, it didn’t make very much money, not at all, but it was his passion. Up until now, he had lived with his parents, who supported his want to follow his dreams. Lucan was more independent. He didn’t really have much of an idea for a career so he just worked in a little cafe. It actually earned quite a bit of money. Enough, at least, to fund the two of them living together in their apartment in London. It was strange really…he couldn’t have made that much money in a small cafe job, could he? And where did he go at night? Luis wondered these things a lot and before he knew, he had a list. Luis loved keeping lists…grocery lists, lists of supplies, anything! And it seems his brain knows him well… (which would make sense.)

The list had three lists in it, it was, what Luis called, a group list.


Lucan’s Good Traits:








Lucan’s Bad Traits:



Hates showers


Lucan’s Mysteries:

Where does he go at night?

How does he make so much money with just a little cafe job?

He couldn’t possibly let Lucan see this! He’d tease Luis mercilessly! Luis looked for somewhere to hide it and finally decided on putting it in his notebook. Luis’s notebook was where he kept all his ideas. Whenever he had a writing idea in the middle of the night, he’d jot it down. Lucan, being as nosy as he is, took a look at it. But, he, unfortunately, stumbled upon one of the more…mature ideas and was horrified. He never touched Luis’s notebook again.

“Hello, Lucan!” Luis smiled at Lucan. “Hey.” Lucan replied. He smiled back and took off his black coat, hanging it on the coat hanger near their door. “How was work?” Luis asked. “Good.” Lucan replied. Luis sighed and they were silent for a while, just looking at each other. “So…” Lucan asked, finally. “Write anything cool today?”

“N-not really…” Luis stammered, looking embarrassed. “Ah, that’s ok, pal, I’m sure you’ll write something eventually.” Lucan smiled at Luis and he smiled back. “Yeah…I….I guess.”

Suddenly, Lucan stopped. He became completely motionless until his eyes narrowed. “Garlic.” he hissed. Luis looked confused. Lucan hates garlic more than anything. Luis often used it to cook but he cut off all interaction with the substance once he had moved in with his boyfriend, since Lucan hated it so much. “Where is it?!” Lucan asked, putting his arms on the back of Luis’s chair. Lucan was calm and never got in fights…usually. He hated garlic. He’d get very, very mad whenever Luis or anyone else had garlic around him. Luis assumed that he had an allergy or something. “I dunno, I swear!” Luis told him. Lucan sniffed the air, following the sent out the door, Luis jumped up and ran after him. Finally, Lucan stopped and his eyes widened. He was right in front of the door to their neighbor’s apartment. He was about to kick the door down but Luis jumped in front of him. “Lucan, that’s called breaking and entering!” he exclaimed. “Let’s just…um…knock, ok?” He knocked three times on the door and an old woman came out. “Hello?” the woman asked. This woman was Lucan and Luis’s neighbor, Mrs. Mackebriar. Mrs. Mackebriar was very nice to Luis but she hated Lucan, and he hated her, too. She walked with a brown cane and had…purple hair? She wore a light pastel pink nightcap and nightgown all the time. “I smell garlic!” Lucan told the old woman. “Well, I smell a mean young man!” Mrs. Mackebriar replied. “Now, now, Mrs. Mackebriar, I’m sure we can work something out. You see….Lucan has an…allergy. A horrible one. It’s life-threatening and we would both really love if you could just…limit your use of garlic.” Luis told Mrs. M, in a soft, sweet voice. “Life-threatening allergy, eeeh? I hope some of the stuff gets thrown in his FACE!” Mrs. M exclaimed. “M-Mrs. Mackebriar…is that really necessary? I mean…I know you don’t like Lucan but…he’s my partner and, um…” Luis stammered. “Oh dear…” Mrs. M said, suddenly becoming a sweet old lady. “I wouldn’t want to make you sad…I’ll try to limit my use of garlic, I suppose.”

“Thank you!” Luis smiled at her, and took Lucan’s hand, leading him away. Lucan was very quiet. Luis knew why…he was embarrassed. He hated freaking out like that, especially in front of Luis. Luis squeezed his hand and smiled. “C’mon, don’t look like that!”

“Yeah, man, look…I’m really sorry. I totally freaked out.” Lucan sighed.

“It’s ok! I understand!” Luis smiled at Lucan and he smiled back.


Luis put a disk in the phonograph and started playing it. Then, he started writing. He scrapped his vampire/human idea for another. He wrote and wrote all day until he came once again to his evil best friend…writer’s block.

Oh, how he despised writer’s block! What a simply terrible thing writer’s block is. For people who don’t have interesting ideas or interesting lives, writer’s block is their evil best friend, and Luis was quite the same. He sighed. What was he going to do? And, right on cue, Lucan walked in, took off his coat, and hung it up on the coat hanger. “Hey, Luis, how’s it going?” he asked. “Write anything good today?”

“Nope!” Luis sighed. “I feel like an idiot…I can never write anything.” Lucan shook his head. “You are not an idiot. Anyone can get writer’s block, show me what you have so far?”

So, Luis showed Lucan his writing. After dinner and some watching of TV, the couple decided to go to sleep. Luis pulled Lucan, who was significantly taller than him, down and kissed him. Lucan chuckled. “I love you but I gotta go, I’ll be back soon, ok?”

“Ok…” Luis nodded. Lucan smiled at him, took his coat, and left. It was like this every night. Yet Lucan was not tired in the morning, ever. After Lucan had left, Luis decided he was going to figure out what was going on. He got up and put on his coat, buttoning it, he walked out, following Lucan. With his white nightgown and black coat on, he walked out of the apartment building. Out in the street, moonlight shining down, he saw Lucan and one other person. They seemed to be meeting. The other person was a girl with brown hair and green eyes. Lucan smiled and opened his mouth, revealing terrifyingly sharp fangs. The girl tried to scream but he bit her on the neck. Then, he let her go and she ran away. A shadowed figure walked toward Lucan. “Good.” they said, handing him money. He took it and nodded, then the shadowed figure walked away. The moonlight hit them for one second and Luis could see that they had blood-stained cheeks. Backing away, Luis’s eyes widened and then he ran away as fast as he could. Lucan gasped, hearing the footsteps and caught a glimpse of Luis…and followed him.

Luis ran up the stairs and back to his apartment. He slammed the door and locked it, gasping for breath. Soon, there was a knock, followed by a voice. “Hey, Lu, I’m sorry you had to see that…can we talk?” It was Lucan. “No!” Luis replied. “I know that a vampire can’t come into your house unless you let them in so I’m not letting you in!”

“Dude…that’s a myth.” Lucan scoffed. “I have a key.” He opened the door and walked inside. “Ok, now let’s talk.” Blood dripped down the side of his mouth from his fangs and he wiped it with his hand. Luis backed away from Lucan. “Luis! Please! Look, it’s simple really…I arrange to meet these people at night and then I bite them and…um…I get payed to do it. I don’t really know why.” Lucan explained. “I’ve been a vampire since I was really little…meaning…I’ve been like this for our entire relationship.”

Luis’s back hit the wall. He couldn’t run anymore. Lucan came toward him and hugged him, much to his dismay. “It’s ok…it’s just me…it’s ok…”

“Lucan…” Luis whispered. He wrapped his arms around the vampire. “I…I still love you.”

“I love you, too…”

Luis woke up in his bed. Lucan was next to him, sleeping peacefully. He got up and looked around. No one was running. No one was screaming. It was like no one knew Lucan was a vampire. And that’s just it…no one did. Because he wasn’t. It was just a dream. Right? It was just a dream! He made some breakfast while listening to the radio. On the radio, there was some news. Nothing too important, just some lost cats but then they changed to a much more interesting story. “Amy McCarthy went missing last night. She was a 15-year-old brunette with striking green eyes. If you have seen this young woman, please report it to the police.”

The description of the girl fit the girl last night…perfectly. It wasn’t a dream, was it? Luis stopped cooking. Lucan walked in. “Morning, sweetie! What’s for break-“

“That girl…the one you bit last night. She went missing.” Luis told Lucan. “Oh yeah well…that seems to happen with all my…er…’victims’”

“So…you really are a vampire.” Luis looked at Lucan, his heart heavy. “Yeah, I guess I am. If you wanna call it that. To me, I’m just a normal person that happens to have a strange career! Hey, don’t tell anyone, ok? They might commit you to a mental institution…Lu…I’m still the same person I always have been. I know things are a little different now that you know but…they don’t have to be.”

Luis sighed. “I know…I just need some time.”

“Take as much as you need!” Lucan smiled.

“Thank you…”

Luis hugged Lucan. He couldn’t give up on Lucan, he loved him! He wouldn’t give up on him. He refused to!

Wether he was a vampire or not…love is love.


Luis looked at the sky. The clouds flowed by, looking so puffy and delectable. One looked like a plane. Then the cloud that looked like the plane crashed and little cloud people jumped out, parts of their limbs falling off. Luis jolted back, took off his glasses, and rubbed his eyes, then he put his glasses back on and looked at the sky again. It was just a cloud now. The door opened and Lucan walked in. He took his coat off and hung it up on the coat hanger. Then, he walked over to Luis. “Hey, Lu-“

“Did you see th-that?” Luis stammered. “See what?” Lucan asked. “That….cloud.” Luis’s eyes were glued to the clouds. Lucan looked confused. “Yeah…clouds…wow…they exist! What do you want to eat?”

Luis shook his head. “Um…I-I dunno. Whatever is easy…” He sighed and looked at the moon chart on his wall. Tonight was a full moon. He decided to do something…new. Luis almost never did anything new. He loved his routine, he hated going off of it. But, tonight was special! It was a full moon! It would be the first one him and Lucan would spend together. He went over to the phonograph and started playing some music. It was a jazzy tune called, “Life Or Death.”

Then, he ran over to Lucan and pulled him toward the center of the room and started dancing. Lucan was surprised at first but then danced along. He was pretty good, spinning around and dipping Luis. They had a lot of fun until the song finished and they were both exhausted.

After eating dinner, Luis took his jacket. “Lucan, tonight is the full moon!” he smiled. Lucan became quiet. “What’s wrong?” Luis asked. “I….it’s nothing. I’m just…tired. I’m going to bed…” Lucan mumbled. “But…don’t you want to see the moon?” Luis asked. “No.”

Luis nodded. “Ok then! Well, tell me if you change your mind.” He took his coat and went outside to see the moon.

It had almost risen.

Lucan hid in the closet holding a blanket over his head. He prayed that the moon wouldn’t finish rising. But, it did. And with that, he bounded out of the closet, his fangs revealed, and jumped out of the window. Turning into a bat, he flew away off into the night. He landed on the windowsill of an old man. After taking a few victims, his face was stained with blood and he returned home. He walked through the corridors of the apartment building in which Luis and Lucan lived. Luis saw him and ran over to him. “So, you decided to come see the moon after all?” Luis asked him, excited. But, Lucan didn’t recognize Luis. He looked like just another human. He grabbed Luis by the neck. “Lucan, what are you doing?!” Luis exclaimed, trying to pull away. “I’m collecting blood!” Lucan replied, pulling him closer. Luis screamed, tears filling his eyes. The moon started to lower as it became day. Hearing Luis’s scream, Mrs. Mackebriar came out of her apartment. She saw Lucan and Luis and raised her cane, hitting Lucan repeatedly. Lucan retreated, backing away from Mrs. Mackebriar. “Leave him alone!” she told Lucan. The moon lowered, making way for the sun to slowly rise. Luis sat on the ground, his back against the wall. He wiped his tears, which fell slowly down his cheeks from his eyes. Lucan gasped, “L-Luis!” He put his hand on Luis’s cheek. “Get away from him!” Mrs. Mackebriar exclaimed. Luis stumbled, trying to get up. “P-please! I’m sorry! It was an accident!” Lucan pleaded. Luis stood up and ran to his apartment, slamming the door and locking it. “Luis!” Lucan yelled. There was no response. He sighed and walked away, tears welling up in his eyes.

He went to a phone booth and tried desperately to call Luis. Finally, he picked up. “Luis!” Lucan smiled. “I-it’s me, Lucan. I’m really sorry about last night…can we just ta-“ But he hung up.

Luis had had some bad dates before and some pretty bad boyfriends but none like this. This was just ridiculous. Lucan tried to kill him. Maybe Mrs. Mackebriar was right to hate Lucan…still, this was so uncharacteristic of him….there had to be something else. Some other reason. Luis wanted so badly to pretend like this never happened and just to go back to normal. But he couldn’t….Lucan tried to kill him! Or, at least, turn him into a vampire. Neither of those things seemed like very good ideas. He couldn’t love Lucan after that. He just couldn’t!


Lucan sat on the side of the street, looking into a puddle. Rain poured onto his head but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything anymore. He got up and walked to the bus stop. He didn’t have any money for a bus so he just sat in the shelter. Leaning against the side of the bus stop, he sighed. No one was outside. No one was walking, no cars were driving. No one was in the bus stop except Lucan…and a little girl. The girl looked to be a child with striking blue eyes and short brown hair. “Hello.” she said to Lucan. He looked at her and then he looked back into the rain. “Hey.”

“I’m Alice.”


“Lucan? That means light, right?” She cocked her head to one side.


“You don’t talk much, do you? A man of few words, I respect that!”

Lucan nodded at Alice.

They were quiet for a while, the peaceful sound of the rain’s pitter patter. Lucan glanced at Alice. Her bright blue eyes stared into him like knives.

“Tell me, Lucan. Tell me how you came to be.”

Lucan looked at the girl. “W-what? What do you mean?”

“How did you come to be a vampire?” Alice asked him. Lucan looked at her and then down. Sighing, he thought hard, back to his childhood.

“When I was little I lived with my parents in France…”

“We weren’t very rich but we had enough money to support ourselves. My mother was a tailor and my father was a carpenter. Sometimes he’d do odd jobs or go out hunting with our dogs. He was a large man with brought shoulders. He had cherry blonde hair and a big beard. But, he wasn’t like you’d expect him to be. He wasn’t gruff and rude, he wasn’t intimidating. He was kind. My mother was a small woman, a bit plump. She had brown hair that was always in a bun.  She worked hard, very hard. When I turned eight she died. We never really found out what sickness she had died of…we didn’t have a lot of money for a doctor. My father dug a hole in our yard and I found a big enough rock and brought it back with the help of our dogs. We carved out her name and the year when she was born and the year that she died. I attended a school when I turned ten years old, despite us not having too much money. I learned a lot. Half-way through my first year, I came home one day to find my father dead. It looked like either murder…or suicide. So, I packed my things and left. I left my dogs with my friend from school and set off to America. I walked and walked for…I don’t even know how long until I couldn’t walk anymore. The sun had lowered and I sat on the ground in the middle of a forest. I felt a hand grab my neck and pull me down to the ground. Cold teeth sunk into my skin. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Blood dripped down from the wound and my eyes slowly closed as I slowly became unconscious. When I woke up, my skin was impossibly pale, I had two red marks on my neck, and I had large fangs coming out of teeth. I didn’t feel tired or hungry anymore. It was like I was dead but I wasn’t. I kept going and I went to America. I searched in library after library about what happened but I found nothing. The closest thing I found was about vampires, but vampires aren’t real! Well, eventually someone approached me saying they’d pay me if I bit one human every night for 16 years. I had no other source of income and they were offering me a lot of money. Desperate, I agreed. And so I accepted my life as a vampire and I started biting people. I have been ever since. Then, five years ago, I was in the library looking at books on vampires, reading up on all of this when a boy approached me. He was short, brown-haired, glasses, you know, a nerd-type kid. He asked me why I had so many books on vampires and I stuttered, I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t tell him I was a vampire! He told me about how he wanted to be a writer and he had a fascination with mythical creatures like vampires and werewolves. I asked him out without even knowing his name. Ever since then, we’ve been together. He was the only person who seemed to really understand me. He was smart…funny. He was on a vacation from his home in England to research.”

Lucan sighed, smiling. He looked over to Alice but she was gone. He stood up and walked to the apartment building were him and Luis used to live and knocked on the door of their apartment. The door opened and Luis was there. He smiled and hugged Lucan.

“I missed you.”


Luis sat at his desk. But, he still couldn’t decide what to write. He didn’t have any ideas. So, he got up and made himself a cup of orange juice. He took a glass cup out of the cupboard and put it on the table. Then, he walked over to the refrigerator and took out some orange juice, pouring it into the cup. He sighed, looking into the orange juice. It seemed to consume him as the world around him turned to liquid. He couldn’t breathe. He wasn’t in his apartment anymore. He was in a town. There were little people running around. The people were made of oranges. He walked until something grabbed him and he was back in his apartment, on the floor. The orange juice had spilled everywhere and broken glass was in Luis’s hands and on the floor. His head was cradled in the hand of a large man. The man was very tall and golden hair rested on his shoulders from his head. He had a white shirt and a black jacket on. His skin was very, very pale and his eyes were a striking red. Luis’s eyes slowly closed as the world around him became very dark.

“Luis!” Lucan yelled. “Luis!” He was cradling Luis’s head in one hand and had a cellphone in the other. He had called for an ambulance. Luis must’ve fallen and his glass of orange juice must have fallen onto him. His glasses were cracked. Bits of broken glass were on the floor, in his hair, on his hand, and a large piece stuck out of his chest. Crisp, red blood flooded from his wounds and dripped down his face and sides. An ambulance soon arrived, taking the two of them to a hospital. Lucan’s hand stayed tightly wrapped around Luis’s until it was time to remove the glass.

Lucan waited outside the room where Luis was. His hands on his knees and his face in his palms, he stared at the floor. What could’ve happened? Why did Luis just suddenly fall? It felt like a million shards of glass had been thrust into his heart, which was strangely appropriate considering what had just happened. He replayed it all in his head…

Lucan had been reading a book. It was his day off and the perfect time to get started on finishing the new book he was reading, Light’s Love.

Luis, like always, was writing, or, trying to write, at least.

Their apartment was small. If you stood in the doorway then the bed was at the north, all the way up against the wall, Luis’s desk was at the east, the TV was at the west, close to the bed, and the kitchen was a little closer to the door also to the west. At the back of the kitchen was a door that led to the bathroom. Lucan saw Luis walk over to the kitchen and make himself a glass of orange juice. Lucan thought nothing of it and went back to reading his book. But, Luis suddenly fell over, the corner of the table severely impaling him, and then fell to the floor. The glass in his hand fell, too, and shattered along with his glasses. Luis was a very…conscious person. He always liked to know where everything was and he never did things without reason. He didn’t have any preexisting condition that could cause this sort of thing…or, at least, if he did, Lucan didn’t know about it. What could have possibly happened?

It felt like hours had passed, when Lucan was finally allowed to visit Luis. He looked at his partner, tears filling his eyes. He desperately tried to blink them away. Luis’s body looked lifeless. His small, plump body was loosely wrapped in a blue blanket. Lucan wiped his eyes, leaned down to Luis, and kissed him gently on the cheek. Whispering, sadly, three small words…

“I love you.”



Other Identities