Steampunk Cowboys

Chapter 1 – 1-18-19-5-14-9-3

(Author’s Note (PLEASE READ): While this story does have some violence, I do not intend to be graphicly describing large injuries but there will definitely be some death, blood, and violence. Also, this is only chapter 1, so I am going to leave a lot of things in mystery. Also, one last thing, all the chapter titles are codes. See if you can decode them as the story continues! Thank you for reading and I hope you like this! Tell me your thoughts/comments/theories/etc in the comments! Thanks!)

Uranium walked into a small bar. Jambon Bar. It was a place he liked to go. Sit down, have a drink. Milk, of course. But only if he sneaked out. Chromium and Arsenic, Uranium’s ( )other and sister, would never ever let him leave the hideout on his own. He sat down on a bar stool, his black slacks resting on the floor. He sighed and rested his cheek on his hand. Out of the corner of his eye, Uranium could see glowing blonde hair. Phosphorus. He turned his head slightly just to see a little bit more, fingering the gun in his back pocket. Phosphorus stood up and left the bar, walking quickly out the front door. Uranium stood up, slipping his ( )own coat with a fringe just under the chest area over his orange shirt. He followed Phosphorus, close behind him but not able to be seen. Once Phosphorus was a good distance away, he pulled out an old, rusted walkie-talkie.


Arsenic had been sleeping when his walkie-talkie started buzzing. He picked it up, ( )ushing his white bangs away from his eye. “Hello?” he mumbled, half asleep. “It’s me, Uranium! I’ve spotted Phosphorus…and he’s alone!” Uranium squealed, trying his best to contain his excitement. “I’m following him, we’re near J-“ There was some muffled screaming and then the walkie-talkie lost the signal. Arsenic lifted himself up, his expression growing angry. “Chromium. Uranium has been captured.” Arsenic told his sister. “What?” Chromium yawned, rubbing her eyes. “Uranium must have snuck out. He said he was following Phosphorus but I think they caught him.” Arsenic told Chromium. “Oh, go back to sleep, Arsenic. He’s right up there.” Chromium pointed to the hammock above hers’, where Uranium was supposed to be sleeping. Arsenic stood up from his hammock, walking over to Chromium’s and climbing the hammocks to see if Uranium was in his hammock. “Ow, you’re steppin’ on my knee, man!” Chromium complained. Arsenic lifted the blanket in the hammock to find…pillows. “He’s not here, Chromium.” Arsenic told Chromium. “What?!” she replied. “That dirty bastard…we need a better security system ‘round here.”

“Dammit. We have to go find him.” Arsenic jumped off of Chromium, running to the door of their hideout, and Chromium ran after him.


Arsenic’s ( )own boots clicked on the metal scrap floor of the ship. Arsenic, a small, plump man with white hair covering one of his eyes, had been tracking a man named Phosphorus for years with the help of his little sister and ( )other, Chromium, a tall, muscle-bound woman with toffy skin and black hair, and Uranium, a tall, lanky boy with pale skin and blonde hair. In the year 2123, these siblings lived in a small ship that they liked to call “the Hideout.” Phosphorus was a gang leader and Arsenic had a past with him. Arsenic’s siblings knew not of what Arsenic and Phosphorus’s past was but they knew that this man must have done something pretty bad for Arsenic to be so angry at him. Arsenic had a way of hiding things from his siblings. Being the oldest sibling, he was the only one who knew what happened to their parents…and no matter how much they pushed, he refused to tell them what happened. They had followed Phosphorus and his gang to a small district called District 13880, or Prison Town. It was called Prison Town because the ship was made entirely of scrap metal and being in it felt almost like being in a prison.


Arsenic was a fierce man. He was usually playful with his siblings but he would protect them with his life. If Uranium had been captured there would surely be a blood bath soon. “We’re walkin’ straight into a trap, Arsi.” Chromium told her ( )other. “I know that.” Arsenic replied. “But there’s nothing we can do about it.” Chromium looked at Arsenic. Nothin’ we can do ‘bout it? God, Arsenic, sometimes I think you’re crazy. she thought to herself. Arsenic quickly took a grenade out of his tool belt, ripped out the safety pin in his teeth, hand tightly wrapped around the lever, and threw it as far as possible. It exploded, making a large dent in (but not destroying) the ground and walls of Prison Town. Two large people with machine guns jumped out from the shadows just far enough back to not be hit with the explosion and starting shooting at Arsenic and Chromium. Chromium ripped off a piece of the wall and used it as a shield. “Moron.” she mumbled at Arsenic. But he didn’t hear her. He knew exactly what he was doing. Eventually the gang members stopped shooting and started yelling to their cohorts to leave since there was someone with grenades on the premises. Arsenic walked towards the gang members. “Listen, dustrats, and listen well. I have many weapons that can maim you in any number of wa-“

“Chromium, Arsenic!!” Uranium pushed one of the gang members out of his way and bounded toward Arsenic, smiling ear-to-ear. “Phosphorus is so nice! He gave me milk and cookies a-“

“Uranium! Are you hurt? Your face is ( )uised…” Arsenic inspected a large ( )uise on Uranium’s forehead. “I’m ok!” Uranium smiled. “Get out of my way.” Phosphorus told the gang members. Arsenic glared at Phosphorus, holding Uranium close to him. “Why did you kidnap Uranium, Phosphorus?” he asked. “You know why, Arsenic. So, why not just give up?” Phosphorus replied. “I’m in the right here.”<( ) /> “Don’t be ridiculous. You know what you did.” Arsenic told Phosphorus. “What I did? What I did?! What I did wasn’t nearly as horrible as what you did!”

“It was an accident! I didn’t mean to-“

“You keep saying you ‘didn’t mean to’ but if you didn’t mean to do it then why did you?!” Phosphorus walked away, but stopped for a moment. “Stop following me, Arsenic. I was going to be painfully nice and let it slide but if you continue to pursue me I will try to ( )ing Chromium and Uranium back.” He glared at Arsenic for a moment, his glowing, yellow eyes looking like they’re cursing him. Then, he growled with aggravation and stomped away. “What does he mean ‘( )ing us back?’ What’s he talkin’ about?” Chromium asked Arsenic. “It doesn’t matter.” Arsenic replied, solemnly. “Yes it does! What does it mean?!” Chromium pushed. “I said it doesn’t matter!” Arsenic yelled at Chromium. “Both of you go back to the ship. Now.” Chromium and Uranium nodded, walking back to their small ship. “That was scary…” Uranium told Chromium. “I don’t get it. He wouldn’t get that mad over nothin’…what’s he hidin’? Ugh…so close yet so far…” Chromium muttered.

Chapter 2 – 03-16-89

Arsenic paced around the Hideout. He had been awake for a few days now. The Hideout was self-driving but it still needed to be monitored, meaning Arsenic needed to be awake as long the Hideout was moving. This worried Chromium but she couldn’t do anything to stop him. He was as stubborn as a mule. “I just don’t get it.” Chromium muttered. “Why does he want to purposefully hurt himself? What’s so important about finding Phosphorus?”

“I dunno but isn’t this puppy the most cutieest squishiest adorableest puppy ever?!” Uranium showed a poster of a puppy to Chromium. “Huh? Hey, wait, where’d you get that?” Chromium asked him. “Phosphorus gave it to me, why?” Uranium replied. “I…I recognize that puppy.” Chromium mumbled. Suddenly, the ship came to a jolting stop. “We’re here.” Arsenic told them. He looked at the poster and chuckled a bit, “You want a puppy, Uranium?”

“Yeah!” Uranium replied, “Please please please, Arsenic?”

“Sure, if you can find one that doesn’t need to eat, doesn’t need to be walked, doesn’t shed, and that I won’t be allergic to. Also known as…a stuffed animal.” Arsenic chuckled. “Aaaaw…” Uranium groaned, hugging the poster, “Wait…a stuffed animal?!? Can I get a stuffed animal?!?”

“Sure.” Arsenic shrugged. “Yay!” Uranium exclaimed. “Hold on, guys.” Chromium told them, “Where are we?”

“Ah, yeah, no. We aren’t anymore. This is a solo mission. You guys stay here, I’ll be back…uuh…later…” Arsenic told Chromium, then he looked at Uranium, “With a stuffed puppy.” Uranium squealed with delight. “Okay then.” Chromium mumbled, looking down. Arsenic waved to them, putting on his gas mask, and then walked out of the ship door and locked it behind him. Chromium sighed, “Any chance you know how to pick locks, kid?”

“No. But Arsenic does!” Uranium replied. Chromium looked at Uranium and rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Doesn’t matter. There’s a more appealin’ option anyway.” Chromium took a small, rusty key out of her pocket and grinned mischievously. “Hey, that’s the key to the pilot room! We’re not allowed in there, Chromium!” Uranium whined. “Uranium, you don’t start revolutions by following the rules.” Chromium replied, unlocking the pilot room.

The pilot room was a large metal room in the Hideout. On the side of the pilot room, opposite to the door, there was a large metal control panel with buttons and levers. This was used to control the ship. Right in front of the control panel was a chair that was bolted to the ground. The chair was lined with red leather and there was a large scratch on the seat. The pilot room was off limits for Chromium and Uranium, according to Arsenic.

Uranium always followed rules. He didn’t like getting in trouble and preferred to do what Arsenic told him. Arsenic’s hidden maternal side came out more with Uranium than Chromium, since Chromium was more independent and Uranium needed more attention. Arsenic treated Chromium more like a rebellious teenager than a child, the way he treated Uranium, as he was more or less their father figure, since they never knew their parents.

“What is all this stuff?” Chromium wondered, looking at a stack of dusty papers. She picked up one and read it out loud, “My Dear,

Though I so heavily fear what is happening I understand that it must be done. The future of our peoples’ education, even their lives, depends on us. But I feel so happy that we are doing this together. I cannot express to you how much I care for you. I know times are hard and food is scarce but I promise you that I will take care of you. Please stay safe. I love you.


“Sincerely who?” Uranium asked. “I dunno. It’s ripped.” Chromium replied, shrugging and throwing the paper back onto the pile. “What is this? What’s so secret in here that he won’t let us in? Some stupid love notes?” Chromium groaned with aggravation, sitting down in the red leather chair. “Ow!” she exclaimed, feeling something metal. She grasped the large rip in the leather and felt under it. She slowly pulled out a rusty, metal key. “What the-….”

“C-Chromium…w-what is that?” Uranium asked her. Chromium felt the key. It was strangely big with a skull as the handle. She eyed the lock to the next room and headed toward it, unlocking it with the key. But there was only scraps of food in the next room. It was simply a small, barely serviceable kitchen.

Arsenic opened the door to the Hideout, locking it behind him, and walked into the Hideout with a big sack on his back. He opened the door to the pilot room. Uranium turned around and looked at Arsenic, then gasped, “I-I’m sorry, Arsenic! Super really sorry! I didn’t mean-“

“Heh…so you really did go in. Some stupid part of me thought that you might actually trust me.” He sighed deeply. “What do you mean?” Chromium asked. “I left that key where you would find it to see if you would trust me and not go in the pilot room. But I see you can’t. I suppose that’s on me.” He looked down at his feet and then looked at Uranium. “Hey, Uranium.” Arsenic smiled at Uranium and threw him a stuffed puppy. Uranium’s face lit up with glee, catching the puppy and hugging it. “I haven’t seen a stuffed pup like that since 2108 when I was 19 years old. Heh. That was….a year to remember.”

“Why?” Chromium asked. “It doesn’t matter.” Arsenic shrugged. “Anyway, I just hope you guys remember that I love you both.”

Chromium bit her lip. If he loves us so much why does he keep secrets from us?! 

“What are those notes?” Chromium demanded. “What? I can’t have a secret significant other?” Arsenic asked, playfully chuckling. For a moment they looked at each other, Arsenic smiling nervously, Chromium glaring, almost locked in battle. The smell of steam and cheap scrap metal in the air. “Whatever.” Chromium mumbled. Arsenic wrapped his arm around Uranium, playfully, “Hey, bud, wanna go play?”

“Yes!!” Uranium exclaimed. They walked out of the pilot room, leaving Chromium with the letters. She looked at the letters, wondering who Arsenic’s “secret significant other” was. A strange idea popped into her head but she quickly whisked it away and went back into the food storage to get a sandwich.