Reopening/My Secret Li’l Hobby

Wooo, so sorry guys! I haven’t been on in so long…but I’m back, I swear! So, I must reveal something…I consider myself a Wiccan and practice Witchcraft. Yesterday my dad and I found a witchcraft store (it wasn’t open) so we went today! They had a whole rack of what looked to be nearly 100 different herbs. It was a buy-one-get-one free so I got two and a potion glass. I made a pretty cool intelligence/healing potion with those herbs and some catnip leaves from my yard. Tonight is the Harvest Moon and I’m gonna burn some incense candles (mmm french vanilla and amber).



Yes, we’re talking crushes today. Why? Because I have it really bad for one singer. I’ve had a lot of crushes in my time. My first crush was when I was four years old and wow did I have it bad for her! Let me explain this, though: I’ve never had a crush on a celebrity. I mean, I’ve considered plenty of celebrities attractive (example: Peyton List, and just to clarify, I’m younger than her) but I’ve never really had a crush on a celebrity. A real crush. By now you must have noticed something, I like girls and guys (and other genders, for that matter). This is true. So, let me address something:

Born This Way

(Yes, yes, yes I know that Lady Gaga has a “born this way” song, well guess what? So does Three Days Grace so no this is not inspired by any song, I haven’t even listened to Lady Gaga’s song.)

…is BS. Let me explain. I definitely did not choose to like all genders. Not at all. But I was not born this way. If you ask me how long I’ve been into all genders, I’d say since I was four years old. Why? Because I had my first crush when I was four years old. I mean, can babies have romantic attraction? God no. And that’s normal! But it’s proof that we aren’t born with our romantic/sexual orientations. This doesn’t mean that romantic/sexual orientation is a choice, because it isn’t. But people aren’t born this way. Someone who became blind later in life didn’t choose to be blind but they weren’t born that way.

Well, to go back to the topic of my crush, I’ve had a lot of crushes but none on celebrities. Usually they have been on peers, colleagues, or fictional characters (the majority of my crushes are this). So, my first crush on a celebrity…hmm. I mean, it would never work for two reasons: 1. He’s a celebrity, I’m a nobody. 2. He’s over 10 years older than me (eh heh heh, that probably should have been #1). But, it’s just a crush. If you’re wondering who my crush is, it’s…..

Cody Carson from Set It Off

My Favorite Bands/Singers

I live and breath music so here’s my favorite bands/singers!


5 – Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, has such a unique and strange sound. Luckily, in this instance strange means good. Florence’s voice is so stunning and exotic! Florence + the Machine is certainly a wonderful band!

4 – Metric

Metric is a small, very unknown alternative band, which is a pity because their sound is so unique! I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that a lot this post. Metric has a sort of Steampunk sound, which I absolutely adore! Their lead singer, Emily Haines, has a great voice that really fits the theme of the band!

3 – Panic! At the Disco

They- er…uh…I mean…HIM. Unfortunately, most of the members of Panic! At the Disco left. By most I mean that the only remaining core member is Brendon Urie. I don’t really care, though, cuz he’s awesome. Brendon’s voice is priceless and his sound is something of a mix of the Beatles, waltz music, and…I dunno what else. I love it!

2 – Set It Off

I love this band to death. Although lead singer Cody Carson’s voice may be a bit of an acquired taste, I love it! He has a voice (especially a laugh) that’s a mix of unique and creepy. Luckily, this really fits the theme of most of their songs! Set It Off’s songs are a mix of singing and talking, and even sometimes laughing! It’s very unique for alternative-rock.

1 – Three Days Grace

Ah, yes. My favorite band of all time. The lead singer switch was pretty hard but, although I prefer the old singer (Adam Gontier), Matt Walst is actually a pretty good singer. Yes, the band can be pretty angsty at times but sometimes you just need that, you know? This band has gotten me through some rough times. I will always love this band. Always.

Charlie Went To The Park Today

blurred chazz profile close-up wrinkled view


Today Charlie and I went to the park and I took some really good pictures of him! Here are a few! Enjoy!


grey background chazz in the wild

(Of course, the grey grass/background is not real, that’s my doing, yay for free Photoshop alternatives!)

posterized chazz howling at the moon.jpg

(Once again, yay for free Photoshop alternatives! I used a free, no-download site called FotoFlexer for these filters, although the pictures are mine.)

splash of red chazz ears flying.jpg

I call this one “Splash of Red.” I zoomed in a little more on the photo and made everything grey except his red collar.

Homeschooling Stereotypes And Why I Hate Them

Disclaimer: If you are one of these homeschoolers, no offense to you. I just hate when people think I’M one of these homeschoolers.

Religious Homeschooler

I am an (Jewish) Atheist. I have nothing against religious people (as long as they don’t try to make me be religious). I have a very good friend who is religious. All I’m saying is when someone asks if I only homeschool because of religious reasons, it’s offensive. That’s not why I homeschool. I homeschool because it allows me to be creative, to be unique, to learn at my own pace, and to sleep in late.

Dumb Homeschooler

Often when I tell other kids I’m homeschooled, they assume I’m dumb or slow because I’m not in school. I think they think that I “can’t keep up” with them and that’s why I’m not in school. I can tell you, I could run Language Arts circles around any of those curs. I read Shakespeare on a daily basis. For fun. (Full of myself? I’m not full of myself!)

I hate it when people try to make a case for homeschoolers being “dumb.” I’m not dumb just because I don’t conform to conventional learning methods.

Smart Homeschooler

My mom says this is a very common stereotype. I’ve never experienced someone thinking I’m extra smart because I’m homeschooled. But, hey, I get to do school with a warm pug on my lap so that’s gotta count for something….right? I don’t know how that relates to being smart.

I would just like to say, though, these stereotypes aren’t the only things people say to me when they find out that I’m homeschooled. Sometimes they’re super jealous because I don’t have to go to school. These are just some very, very common reactions I’ve gotten in my time as a homeschooler. And, honestly, they’re offensive. I homeschool because I want the space to be who I am and not have to conform to the conventional methods of school. And don’t try to BS me about how dumb I am, I know you’re just jealous that I get to play video games whenever I want.

I Will Never Eat Popcorn Again (Also I Got Called the Correct Pronouns For the First Time!!!)

I was gendered correctly! Woohoo! But first, why I will never eat popcorn again:

So, I went to a new movie with my mother and my grandmother called Boss Baby. Don’t ask me anything about the movie because I couldn’t concentrate at all. Why? Well, I bought a big bag of popcorn to watch the movie with. One singular popcorn skin stuck in the back of my throat. So much pain….I finally got it out but there was still a cut. It was horrible. Well, it turns out that no. There was no cut. The piece of popcorn was at the back of my tongue, digging into the tissue of my tongue each time I swallowed. I got it out with a tooth brush luckily but it was really painful! But it’s gone now.

Alright, onto some more exciting news.

So, I started a new Shakespeare class because I absolutely love Shakespeare. The age range was worrisome because it included 8-year-olds (meaning I’d be the oldest and probably all the other kids would be 8-year-old girls who I have had very bad experiences with, dear god not the ponies again, NOT THE PONIES). Actually…there were three 8-year-old boys. At first I thought, “Oh gawd no.” because 8-year-old boys love potty humor and I hate potty humor. Well…it was actually really fun. I’ve always been automatically labeled as a “girl” so no boys wanted to hang out with me for fear of people thinking we’re dating (because of our heteronormative society). Well, these boys actually….gendered me correctly. This is the best part: The teacher thought I was a girl and I had to correct her but the boys knew right away that I was a boy. My guess is that the teacher (Katie) thought I was a girl because of my (unfortunately) naturally feminine body and face while all the boys saw was my Batman hoodie. Yeah, yeah, I know, girls can like Batman too, but this was just amazing. It was the first time I was actually ever gendered correctly by someone without having to tell them my pronouns! Later one of the boys asked me if I’m “a girl or a boy” and of course I wanted to say, “There aren’t only boys and girls,” but I just said that I’m a boy and he replied with, “Yeah, I thought you were but I just wanted to make sure.” It was really great to finally be called the right gender without having to correct the person first.