I Draw: Harvey’s Evolution

Who remembers Harvey? Everybody? For those who don’t, Harvey Bay Bastion is my character and the main character of my webcomic (link opens in new tab) and I draw him quite a lot. So, a while back I posted a timeline of Harvey’s different looks throughout the ages. Well, I’m back with some NEW art of everybody’s favorite ginger! Get ready!

harvey with freckles ginger green eyes cute sweater heart happy love
When I first introduced Harvey’s freckles I drew this. xP
glitch harvey computer ginger hair green eyes freckles ripped shirt 999 background
This was inspired by Echo by CircrushP (CircusP + CrusherP) a Vocaloid Gumi song.
gravity falls monster harvey four arms full-body wings ginger freckles bill cipher
When I first created Harvey, he lived in the town of Eerie Creek, a swampy forest-centered town where toxic waste had seeped into the water system and everyone had become mutants except for Harvey’s scientist husband, Kaden. It’s quite a different Harvey but I really liked his mutant design that was based on an angel with wings and multiple arms.
cutesy harvey pink sillhouette ginger green eyes green sweater collared shirt heart adorable sweet silly
This is the most recent. My art style has changed so much and this is currently my favorite picture that I’ve ever drawn.

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