I Draw: Very Random, Lots of Stuff

Yeah, I have some random character for you guys today! (also some random fan art <-<)

nara portrait
A character named Nara. I’m not sure what I’ll do with her yet but I have a few ideas… (btw her eye is white, I wasn’t just too lazy to color it *cough cough* I totally was *cough cough*)
chara from undertale
A cute little doodle of Chara from Undertale.
frisk undertale cute
A doodle of Frisk from Undertale.
cassidy bastion harvey's sister
Harvey’s sister, Cassidy.
harvey and kaden together forever stup(id)endous
Harvey ❤ Kaden. I’m pretty sure this is Kaden’s final design.
demon drake adams
Drake Adams, a businessman. Or shall I say….business DEMON? His human name is Drake Adams but his demon name is Kirā Akuma (which literally translates to Killer Demon or, since Akuma is his first name, Demon the Killer). Also….lol Kiss tongue.

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