Explaining My Abrosexuality

I want to talk about Abrosexuality. Specifically my Abrosexuality. Please note: I am only talking for myself, I cannot speak for anyone else who is Abrosexual. I have also never met another Abrosexual person in my life.

Q: How would you date/marry someone if who you’re attracted to changes so much?

I’ve realized that it’s not who I’m attracted to that changes. It’s what. On days when I’m attracted to men, I still have a crush on that cute blonde girl. You know….that one. It’s more like I’ll find men attractive sometimes and other times I’ll find women attractive. Then there are those times when I find no one attractive. No one.

Q: So you change your label every day?

Not necessarily. Wether I feel gay one day or straight the other, I always say Pansexual (sometimes Bisexual depending on who I’m talking to). It’s just easier.

Q: So it’s seriously every day?

Not really. I’ve experienced being gay for weeks. I was Ace for a week one time. It’s kind of similar to Genderfluidity.

Q: Does media influence it?

I’m not sure if media really influences it but the environment I’m in definitely does.

Q: What about your gender?

Well, I’m a Transgender boy. Like…always. Seriously. It’s pretty solid. The only thing in my life that is these days.


Thanks for reading! I’ll take more questions in the comments so if you’re wondering anything about me, my gender, my sexuality, etc, just ask! I promise to answer (unless it’s inappropriate)!


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