Bury Your Gays/Why I Love Welcome To Night Vale

Bury Your Gays is a trope in which LGBT characters are killed. Normally I would talk about how Transgender people get…um…0 representation. Like, seriously 0. But instead I want to talk about this trope about LGB characters. No T involved.

You see, most LGB characters in media these days are being represented and then killed or just…they’re side characters who are never in the show soyoucanjustassumetheyhaveahappyendinghahahahawe’reprogressive!

But seriously. This is really a problem. I mean you either have this:

Unknown-254 (thank you, Pinterest)

Or this:

6359400719444181801147179582_tumblr_o451i4NCB81udqpixo7_1280.png (image provided by https://www.theodysseyonline.com/essay-importance-queer-female-death-tv )

Can we not just have normal human characters who don’t die and aren’t insane stereotypes? Is that a possibility?

This is where Welcome To Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead (by the same people) come in.

Welcome To Night Vale


Welcome To Night Vale is a comedy podcast about the community radio of a small desert community called Night Vale. Night Vale is different than other towns in that it features many worrisome creatures such as the five-headed dragons (R. I. P. Violet, you will be missed), the Glow Cloud (all hail), the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, and more. Welcome To Night Vale has several Queer characters, but most notably is the main character of the show, Cecil Gershwin Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin). Cecil is married to a man (a latino scientist named Carlos). They’re relationship is sweet, healthy, and normal. And neither of them are stereotyped. Cecil even confirms that he’s openly gay not Bisexual, in case anyone is wondering (door’s still open for Carlos, though). And there was a character Carlos encountered who is neither a man nor woman (AKA Nonbinary). Also Maureen (one of the only surviving interns of the Night Vale radio station) is a lesbian (indicated by her repeatedly telling Cecil that she “doesn’t like boys” when he said he found a certain man unattractive and her relationship with Michelle). There are a few other less prominent queer characters but I think I’ve covered the most prominent ones here so far. Whenever I think of really amazing representation of LGBT characters, I think of Night Vale.

Now, on the other hand, for lesbian/(female) Bisexual viewers there is also…

Alice Isn’t Dead


By the same team as Welcome To Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead is about an unnamed woman (voiced by Jasika Nicole) searching the country in a truck to find her presumed dead wife, Alice, while coming across strange and horrifying creatures on the way. At first glance, this looks like the Bury Your Gays trope. “Dead wife? C’mon.” But no. The name of the podcast is Alice Isn’t Dead. This show certainly has some strong female representation, but just a warning…don’t listen to it at night…alone…in the dark. I made that mistake. It was a very, very big mistake.

There are a handful of media outlets that include LGBT characters, these are the best of that handful that I’ve found but I would love to know what ones you recommend! Tell me in the comments and I hope you liked this blog post!

Thanks for reading ~


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