I Draw: Harvey Timeline

My character, Harvey (protagonist of my webcomic), has evolved quite a bit. He’s always kept the same color palette more or less but his design has evolved with my art style. So, here is a timeline of Harvey!

harvey old design.jpg

Harvey’s very first design circa 12-22-2016. As you can see, he still has his childlike demeanor and his characteristic glasses are there. His sweater is a turtleneck but it’s still more or less the same color. But his hair is down for some reason, despite being mostly the same color.

harvey old picture

An older look for Harvey, circa 12-29-2016. He looks more like an adult here and he has his stereotypical sweater but with a bit more of the shirt under it being visible. This is the only picture I have of him where he isn’t wearing brown pants. Also, his hair is starting to go up.


The cover for my webcomic, circa 04-21-2017. Harvey’s hair is up and staying up…somehow. His glasses are…bigger and less round. This is his final design (for now).

virgin killer sweater harvey.JPG

This is a picture I drew a few days ago of Harvey. This is him in the Virgin Killer Sweater, an old meme sweater. This is not a new design for him, just a different outfit. And the cute cheek-thing from the first design has come back.


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