Let me explain the most strange character(s) I’ve ever had:


moster portrait



Moster has a case of multiple personality disorder. It’s unknown what the original personality was but their personalities are these:


Pronounced Mow-steer.

Age: 12 years

Gender: Agender

Personality: Moster is quiet and rather sad. They miss their parents and hate how selfish they were, wishing for their life instead of their parents’ lives. Their name comes from Monster but Moster can’t pronounce Ns.


Pronounced Mow.

Age: 16 years

Gender: Female

Personality: Mo is loud and unpredictable. She’s often homicidal but can be rather maternal at the same time.


Pronounced Steer.

Age: 16 years.

Gender: Male.

Personality: Ster is impatient and often has to clean up Mo’s messes (usually her homicidal acts). Ster and Mo often fight since they can’t seem to agree on anything, while Moster is usually rather neutral.


Moster used to be Morune, a young child camping in the forest with their parents. They got lost and Morune’s parents were eaten by wolves but they escaped. Eventually, Morune died from hunger, with their final breath wishing to not die. Their wish was granted and their wounds were patched with gears and scrap metal and they were given new life as a twisted freak, Moster. They finally found their way back to the town but they were treated as a monster and run out of town. They returned to the forest and befriended the wolves who ate their parents.

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