My Favorite Bands/Singers

I live and breath music so here’s my favorite bands/singers!


5 – Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, has such a unique and strange sound. Luckily, in this instance strange means good. Florence’s voice is so stunning and exotic! Florence + the Machine is certainly a wonderful band!

4 – Metric

Metric is a small, very unknown alternative band, which is a pity because their sound is so unique! I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that a lot this post. Metric has a sort of Steampunk sound, which I absolutely adore! Their lead singer, Emily Haines, has a great voice that really fits the theme of the band!

3 – Panic! At the Disco

They- er…uh…I mean…HIM. Unfortunately, most of the members of Panic! At the Disco left. By most I mean that the only remaining core member is Brendon Urie. I don’t really care, though, cuz he’s awesome. Brendon’s voice is priceless and his sound is something of a mix of the Beatles, waltz music, and…I dunno what else. I love it!

2 – Set It Off

I love this band to death. Although lead singer Cody Carson’s voice may be a bit of an acquired taste, I love it! He has a voice (especially a laugh) that’s a mix of unique and creepy. Luckily, this really fits the theme of most of their songs! Set It Off’s songs are a mix of singing and talking, and even sometimes laughing! It’s very unique for alternative-rock.

1 – Three Days Grace

Ah, yes. My favorite band of all time. The lead singer switch was pretty hard but, although I prefer the old singer (Adam Gontier), Matt Walst is actually a pretty good singer. Yes, the band can be pretty angsty at times but sometimes you just need that, you know? This band has gotten me through some rough times. I will always love this band. Always.

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