I Draw: Welcome To Night Vale Fan Art

Yes, there’s MORE OF IT! MWAHAHAHAHA! (oh, also, I’ve started a travel/photography blog, it’s still taking it’s baby steps but if you’re into that sorta thing you should totally check it out)

cecil night vale shading practice
I’m trying this new shading technique. I really like it!
welcome to night vale cecil and carlos
I realized that I haven’t drawn Cecil and Carlos in a while so here’s them.
night vale batman harley quinn cecil and the joker carlos
Cecil and Carlos as Harley Quinn (Cecil Quinn?) and the Joker (the Carler? That doesn’t really make any sense, though…)


Salad and Sandwich
I really like this picture so I edited it to have my new shading technique. I always imagine Cecil eating salads for some reason. But not, like, normal salads. Salads with Newt eyes in them. And not Eye of Newt (a plant), literal Newt eyes. Cecil, you’re gross!

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