I Draw: 1 Year of Undertale

Yes, I have been drawing Undertale fan art for over a year! I still remember the first time I played it. Welp, lets look at some of my horrible old Undertale fan art!

My Latest Undertale Fan Art:

sans genocide undertalesans from undertale.jpg

And Here’s Some Old Stuff:

sans and frisk
My first time dabbling in shading and lining. This picture actually wouldn’t be too bad…IF I HAD KEPT IT CONSISTENT AND LINED SANS, TOO.
sans and frisk 2
Why does Frisk’s head look like that? Is there even a reason? I don’t think there is.
sans and frisk hot dogs
Hot dogs. Mmm…
sans chara and frisk
Mhm. Yes. Um. I. Oh. Uh. This. I….I just can’t….Frisk’s face is flipping adorable in this. That is the only redeeming quality of this picture.
sans gaster blaster and frisk
A selfie Sans took that he later texted to Grillby with the caption: “just busy killing some jerky kid lol wb u?”


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