Homeschooling Stereotypes And Why I Hate Them

Disclaimer: If you are one of these homeschoolers, no offense to you. I just hate when people think I’M one of these homeschoolers.

Religious Homeschooler

I am an (Jewish) Atheist. I have nothing against religious people (as long as they don’t try to make me be religious). I have a very good friend who is religious. All I’m saying is when someone asks if I only homeschool because of religious reasons, it’s offensive. That’s not why I homeschool. I homeschool because it allows me to be creative, to be unique, to learn at my own pace, and to sleep in late.

Dumb Homeschooler

Often when I tell other kids I’m homeschooled, they assume I’m dumb or slow because I’m not in school. I think they think that I “can’t keep up” with them and that’s why I’m not in school. I can tell you, I could run Language Arts circles around any of those curs. I read Shakespeare on a daily basis. For fun. (Full of myself? I’m not full of myself!)

I hate it when people try to make a case for homeschoolers being “dumb.” I’m not dumb just because I don’t conform to conventional learning methods.

Smart Homeschooler

My mom says this is a very common stereotype. I’ve never experienced someone thinking I’m extra smart because I’m homeschooled. But, hey, I get to do school with a warm pug on my lap so that’s gotta count for something….right? I don’t know how that relates to being smart.

I would just like to say, though, these stereotypes aren’t the only things people say to me when they find out that I’m homeschooled. Sometimes they’re super jealous because I don’t have to go to school. These are just some very, very common reactions I’ve gotten in my time as a homeschooler. And, honestly, they’re offensive. I homeschool because I want the space to be who I am and not have to conform to the conventional methods of school. And don’t try to BS me about how dumb I am, I know you’re just jealous that I get to play video games whenever I want.

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