I Draw: Welcome To Night Vale Fan Art

I have some Welcome To Night Vale fan art for you guys today! All this art belongs to me and, although I know it’s not good enough for anyone to want to steal, please don’t steal it. Just, if you were going to, please don’t. I doubt this will deter anyone but I’ll say it anyway.

cecil palmer and steve carlsberg salad and sandwhich night vale
I always imagine Cecil eating salads. I dunno why.
steve carlsberg and cecil welcome to night vale
Cecil is smaller but he’s still the big brother. Reminds me of somebody…..
steve carlsberg welcome to night vale
Steve Carlsberg majored in counting. Not accounting. Counting. You do you, Steve, you do you.
carlos the silver fox scientist night vale
Carlos the silver fox scientist. *sound of Cecil whistling*
night vale cecil and carlos
What is Carlos looking at…? He was supposed to be looking at the beaker….Carlos my eyes are UP HERE.
5-year-old cecil palmer welcome to night vale
It’s vewy annoying when gwown-ups talk like this but cute when wittle kids do it.
5-year-old cecil and 3-year-old steve carlsberg night vale
Going with my head-canon ages, this is 5-year-old Cecil and 3-year-old Steve Carlsberg. Steve Carlsberg was a fat baby. How can that little radio toy support his weight?
13-year-old abby and 5-year-old cecil night vale
Again, going with my head-canon ages, 13-year-old Abby and 5-year-old Cecil. Abby has a skateboard. I found a better color to shade Abby and Cecil’s hair with, by the way. It’s a little hard to see but with the old color it looked like they had neon yellow highlights so this is better.

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