Blog Schedule

Alright, today I’ve decided to organize my “blog schedule.” This will also be a page on my blog so don’t worry if you miss this post! (Although, if you did miss this post you probably wouldn’t know since you didn’t read it so you wouldn’t have read me telling you not to worry about not reading it. Illuminati confirmed.)

Here is the official blog schedule that I have put together! And yes, this is not daily because I actually have a life outside of my nerdy blog but I’ll try to post as often as possible.


My Ultra Boring Life: This is a segment where I just talk about something that’s happened in my life. Don’t worry, I’ll try to have it not be too boring!

Let’s Talk Books: I love books. This will probably be me nerding (that’s a word now) about new books I’ve read or maybe even book reviews.

Let’s Talk Comics: Same thing as Let’s Talk Books except that it’s comics.

Let’s Talk Music: Again, just like Let’s Talk Books but it’s music instead of books.

Let’s Talk Movies: Still the same just movies instead of books.

Let’s Talk Games: Same but games.

I Draw: I’ll post some of my art.

Writer’s Corner: I’ll talk about stuff related to writing.


And anything else is just miscellaneous posts. Hope you guys liked this little explanation!

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