Sexism vs Homophobia

I was talking with my mom about how LGBTQ+ people, especially gay men, are shown in media. Just so you know going into this, this will mostly be about gay men since the characters in particular that we were talking about happen to be gay men. Well, I was saying how I hate the portrayal of Kurt Hummel from ‘Glee’ because of how much of a stereotype he is. He goes into the girls’ bathroom and literally calls himself an honorary girl! This is a direct quote from him:

“I thought we don’t get our periods until the end of the month.”

Gay men do not equal girls, ok?! Well, my mom brought up Mitchell and Cameron from ‘Modern Family’ because Cameron is into football and Mitchell is apparently very masculine. Well, actually, there is a whole episode about how Mitchell isn’t “masculine” enough to have a son and thus needs to blow things up to be masculine (cuz, you know, guys like blowing stuff up?) and I think we all know how ridiculous the Cameron liking football argument is. The guy wears pink striped shirts. His own husband and child constantly call him “she.” Let’s be real here. I know what you’re wondering….how does sexism come into play here? Well, I’m asking the same question, actually. My mom says that apparently these homophobic portrayals of men are…actually sexist. Because apparently it’s not stereotyping gay men as much as it’s stereotyping women. Uuuh…actually…we’re talking about men right now….gay men. This has nothing to do with women. My mom’s argument is that gay men being stereotyped as “effeminate” and “girly” is stereotyping women because….you know…..yoooooouuuuuu knooooooooow…..feminism.

Let me just get one thing straight here: I am not sexist. I consider myself a Humanist. I just don’t believe that the homophobic stereotype of gay men being effeminate is sexist because that doesn’t make any sense. I dunno. What do you guys think?

Tell me what you think in the comments! Hopefully I’ll have something more positive for my next post! Also…here’s a list of positive, non-stereotypical portrayals of gay men that I’ve found in media:

  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • The Fosters
  • Sam Smith (what? he’s awesome! and gay)

Yes, I know, the list is painfully short.

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