I Will Never Eat Popcorn Again (Also I Got Called the Correct Pronouns For the First Time!!!)

I was gendered correctly! Woohoo! But first, why I will never eat popcorn again:

So, I went to a new movie with my mother and my grandmother called Boss Baby. Don’t ask me anything about the movie because I couldn’t concentrate at all. Why? Well, I bought a big bag of popcorn to watch the movie with. One singular popcorn skin stuck in the back of my throat. So much pain….I finally got it out but there was still a cut. It was horrible. Well, it turns out that no. There was no cut. The piece of popcorn was at the back of my tongue, digging into the tissue of my tongue each time I swallowed. I got it out with a tooth brush luckily but it was really painful! But it’s gone now.

Alright, onto some more exciting news.

So, I started a new Shakespeare class because I absolutely love Shakespeare. The age range was worrisome because it included 8-year-olds (meaning I’d be the oldest and probably all the other kids would be 8-year-old girls who I have had very bad experiences with, dear god not the ponies again, NOT THE PONIES). Actually…there were three 8-year-old boys. At first I thought, “Oh gawd no.” because 8-year-old boys love potty humor and I hate potty humor. Well…it was actually really fun. I’ve always been automatically labeled as a “girl” so no boys wanted to hang out with me for fear of people thinking we’re dating (because of our heteronormative society). Well, these boys actually….gendered me correctly. This is the best part: The teacher thought I was a girl and I had to correct her but the boys knew right away that I was a boy. My guess is that the teacher (Katie) thought I was a girl because of my (unfortunately) naturally feminine body and face while all the boys saw was my Batman hoodie. Yeah, yeah, I know, girls can like Batman too, but this was just amazing. It was the first time I was actually ever gendered correctly by someone without having to tell them my pronouns! Later one of the boys asked me if I’m “a girl or a boy” and of course I wanted to say, “There aren’t only boys and girls,” but I just said that I’m a boy and he replied with, “Yeah, I thought you were but I just wanted to make sure.” It was really great to finally be called the right gender without having to correct the person first.

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