Get Ready For Geek: Welcome To Night Vale Live Show & Anime Convention

“This was the best month of my life.” says the geeky unmarried childless single teenager. Yes, this was the best month of my life. That would be sad if I weren’t barely a teenager (almost a teen, just a few more months). Why?

I Went To An Anime Convention

Turns out, there’s actually an annual anime convention that is held near where I live. I got tickets immediately and went with my mom. But I couldn’t go in my street clothes! That’s ridiculous! This is my first ANIME CONVENTION! So I cosplayed as Frisk from Undertale. It was so awesome! I kept screaming the names of cosplays I saw and then the person would look at me like, “This must be your first anime convention.” I got some great merch, too! A Kyubey backpack (it’s an anime character, look it up) and a collectible figurine of Madoka Kaname (same anime as Kyubey, look it up). It was totally awesome! Let me try to catalogue all the cosplays I saw (I’m not including ones that I recognized but couldn’t place and ones that I just didn’t recognize and ones that I forgot)

Harley Quinn: 4.

the Joker: 2 or 3.

Batman & Other Superheroes: About 5 or 6.

Mario & Luigi: 2.

Soul Eater: 1.

Tokyo Ghoul: 1. (and it was awesome!)

RWBY: 2. (when I saw one I immediately screamed “BLAKE” and everyone stared at me ///0-0///)

My Little Pony: 4. (3 of them were together and then there was 1 lone wolf Pinkie Pie)

I Went To A Welcome To Night Vale Live Show

For the sake of not spoiling anything, I can’t talk too much about this but it was really awesome! I got a Glow Cloud (all hail) shirt and poster to go with my Tarot cards and temporary tattoos! I’m not obsessed. Kevin was not there. This was justified by Steve Carlsberg being there. Best night of my life.

Alright, well, tell me what you guys all think in the comments!

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