My Favorite Bands/Singers

I live and breath music so here’s my favorite bands/singers!


5 – Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, has such a unique and strange sound. Luckily, in this instance strange means good. Florence’s voice is so stunning and exotic! Florence + the Machine is certainly a wonderful band!

4 – Metric

Metric is a small, very unknown alternative band, which is a pity because their sound is so unique! I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that a lot this post. Metric has a sort of Steampunk sound, which I absolutely adore! Their lead singer, Emily Haines, has a great voice that really fits the theme of the band!

3 – Panic! At the Disco

They- er…uh…I mean…HIM. Unfortunately, most of the members of Panic! At the Disco left. By most I mean that the only remaining core member is Brendon Urie. I don’t really care, though, cuz he’s awesome. Brendon’s voice is priceless and his sound is something of a mix of the Beatles, waltz music, and…I dunno what else. I love it!

2 – Set It Off

I love this band to death. Although lead singer Cody Carson’s voice may be a bit of an acquired taste, I love it! He has a voice (especially a laugh) that’s a mix of unique and creepy. Luckily, this really fits the theme of most of their songs! Set It Off’s songs are a mix of singing and talking, and even sometimes laughing! It’s very unique for alternative-rock.

1 – Three Days Grace

Ah, yes. My favorite band of all time. The lead singer switch was pretty hard but, although I prefer the old singer (Adam Gontier), Matt Walst is actually a pretty good singer. Yes, the band can be pretty angsty at times but sometimes you just need that, you know? This band has gotten me through some rough times. I will always love this band. Always.


I Draw: Welcome To Night Vale Fan Art

Yes, there’s MORE OF IT! MWAHAHAHAHA! (oh, also, I’ve started a travel/photography blog, it’s still taking it’s baby steps but if you’re into that sorta thing you should totally check it out)

cecil night vale shading practice
I’m trying this new shading technique. I really like it!
welcome to night vale cecil and carlos
I realized that I haven’t drawn Cecil and Carlos in a while so here’s them.
night vale batman harley quinn cecil and the joker carlos
Cecil and Carlos as Harley Quinn (Cecil Quinn?) and the Joker (the Carler? That doesn’t really make any sense, though…)


Salad and Sandwich
I really like this picture so I edited it to have my new shading technique. I always imagine Cecil eating salads for some reason. But not, like, normal salads. Salads with Newt eyes in them. And not Eye of Newt (a plant), literal Newt eyes. Cecil, you’re gross!

Charlie Went To The Park Today

blurred chazz profile close-up wrinkled view


Today Charlie and I went to the park and I took some really good pictures of him! Here are a few! Enjoy!


grey background chazz in the wild

(Of course, the grey grass/background is not real, that’s my doing, yay for free Photoshop alternatives!)

posterized chazz howling at the moon.jpg

(Once again, yay for free Photoshop alternatives! I used a free, no-download site called FotoFlexer for these filters, although the pictures are mine.)

splash of red chazz ears flying.jpg

I call this one “Splash of Red.” I zoomed in a little more on the photo and made everything grey except his red collar.

I Draw: 1 Year of Undertale

Yes, I have been drawing Undertale fan art for over a year! I still remember the first time I played it. Welp, lets look at some of my horrible old Undertale fan art!

My Latest Undertale Fan Art:

sans genocide undertalesans from undertale.jpg

And Here’s Some Old Stuff:

sans and frisk
My first time dabbling in shading and lining. This picture actually wouldn’t be too bad…IF I HAD KEPT IT CONSISTENT AND LINED SANS, TOO.
sans and frisk 2
Why does Frisk’s head look like that? Is there even a reason? I don’t think there is.
sans and frisk hot dogs
Hot dogs. Mmm…
sans chara and frisk
Mhm. Yes. Um. I. Oh. Uh. This. I….I just can’t….Frisk’s face is flipping adorable in this. That is the only redeeming quality of this picture.
sans gaster blaster and frisk
A selfie Sans took that he later texted to Grillby with the caption: “just busy killing some jerky kid lol wb u?”


Homeschooling Stereotypes And Why I Hate Them

Disclaimer: If you are one of these homeschoolers, no offense to you. I just hate when people think I’M one of these homeschoolers.

Religious Homeschooler

I am an (Jewish) Atheist. I have nothing against religious people (as long as they don’t try to make me be religious). I have a very good friend who is religious. All I’m saying is when someone asks if I only homeschool because of religious reasons, it’s offensive. That’s not why I homeschool. I homeschool because it allows me to be creative, to be unique, to learn at my own pace, and to sleep in late.

Dumb Homeschooler

Often when I tell other kids I’m homeschooled, they assume I’m dumb or slow because I’m not in school. I think they think that I “can’t keep up” with them and that’s why I’m not in school. I can tell you, I could run Language Arts circles around any of those curs. I read Shakespeare on a daily basis. For fun. (Full of myself? I’m not full of myself!)

I hate it when people try to make a case for homeschoolers being “dumb.” I’m not dumb just because I don’t conform to conventional learning methods.

Smart Homeschooler

My mom says this is a very common stereotype. I’ve never experienced someone thinking I’m extra smart because I’m homeschooled. But, hey, I get to do school with a warm pug on my lap so that’s gotta count for something….right? I don’t know how that relates to being smart.

I would just like to say, though, these stereotypes aren’t the only things people say to me when they find out that I’m homeschooled. Sometimes they’re super jealous because I don’t have to go to school. These are just some very, very common reactions I’ve gotten in my time as a homeschooler. And, honestly, they’re offensive. I homeschool because I want the space to be who I am and not have to conform to the conventional methods of school. And don’t try to BS me about how dumb I am, I know you’re just jealous that I get to play video games whenever I want.

I Draw: Welcome To Night Vale Fan Art

I have some Welcome To Night Vale fan art for you guys today! All this art belongs to me and, although I know it’s not good enough for anyone to want to steal, please don’t steal it. Just, if you were going to, please don’t. I doubt this will deter anyone but I’ll say it anyway.

cecil palmer and steve carlsberg salad and sandwhich night vale
I always imagine Cecil eating salads. I dunno why.
steve carlsberg and cecil welcome to night vale
Cecil is smaller but he’s still the big brother. Reminds me of somebody…..
steve carlsberg welcome to night vale
Steve Carlsberg majored in counting. Not accounting. Counting. You do you, Steve, you do you.
carlos the silver fox scientist night vale
Carlos the silver fox scientist. *sound of Cecil whistling*
night vale cecil and carlos
What is Carlos looking at…? He was supposed to be looking at the beaker….Carlos my eyes are UP HERE.
5-year-old cecil palmer welcome to night vale
It’s vewy annoying when gwown-ups talk like this but cute when wittle kids do it.
5-year-old cecil and 3-year-old steve carlsberg night vale
Going with my head-canon ages, this is 5-year-old Cecil and 3-year-old Steve Carlsberg. Steve Carlsberg was a fat baby. How can that little radio toy support his weight?
13-year-old abby and 5-year-old cecil night vale
Again, going with my head-canon ages, 13-year-old Abby and 5-year-old Cecil. Abby has a skateboard. I found a better color to shade Abby and Cecil’s hair with, by the way. It’s a little hard to see but with the old color it looked like they had neon yellow highlights so this is better.

Blog Schedule

Alright, today I’ve decided to organize my “blog schedule.” This will also be a page on my blog so don’t worry if you miss this post! (Although, if you did miss this post you probably wouldn’t know since you didn’t read it so you wouldn’t have read me telling you not to worry about not reading it. Illuminati confirmed.)

Here is the official blog schedule that I have put together! And yes, this is not daily because I actually have a life outside of my nerdy blog but I’ll try to post as often as possible.


My Ultra Boring Life: This is a segment where I just talk about something that’s happened in my life. Don’t worry, I’ll try to have it not be too boring!

Let’s Talk Books: I love books. This will probably be me nerding (that’s a word now) about new books I’ve read or maybe even book reviews.

Let’s Talk Comics: Same thing as Let’s Talk Books except that it’s comics.

Let’s Talk Music: Again, just like Let’s Talk Books but it’s music instead of books.

Let’s Talk Movies: Still the same just movies instead of books.

Let’s Talk Games: Same but games.

I Draw: I’ll post some of my art.

Writer’s Corner: I’ll talk about stuff related to writing.


And anything else is just miscellaneous posts. Hope you guys liked this little explanation!

Get Ready For Geek: Welcome To Night Vale Live Show & Anime Convention

“This was the best month of my life.” says the geeky unmarried childless single teenager. Yes, this was the best month of my life. That would be sad if I weren’t barely a teenager (almost a teen, just a few more months). Why?

I Went To An Anime Convention

Turns out, there’s actually an annual anime convention that is held near where I live. I got tickets immediately and went with my mom. But I couldn’t go in my street clothes! That’s ridiculous! This is my first ANIME CONVENTION! So I cosplayed as Frisk from Undertale. It was so awesome! I kept screaming the names of cosplays I saw and then the person would look at me like, “This must be your first anime convention.” I got some great merch, too! A Kyubey backpack (it’s an anime character, look it up) and a collectible figurine of Madoka Kaname (same anime as Kyubey, look it up). It was totally awesome! Let me try to catalogue all the cosplays I saw (I’m not including ones that I recognized but couldn’t place and ones that I just didn’t recognize and ones that I forgot)

Harley Quinn: 4.

the Joker: 2 or 3.

Batman & Other Superheroes: About 5 or 6.

Mario & Luigi: 2.

Soul Eater: 1.

Tokyo Ghoul: 1. (and it was awesome!)

RWBY: 2. (when I saw one I immediately screamed “BLAKE” and everyone stared at me ///0-0///)

My Little Pony: 4. (3 of them were together and then there was 1 lone wolf Pinkie Pie)

I Went To A Welcome To Night Vale Live Show

For the sake of not spoiling anything, I can’t talk too much about this but it was really awesome! I got a Glow Cloud (all hail) shirt and poster to go with my Tarot cards and temporary tattoos! I’m not obsessed. Kevin was not there. This was justified by Steve Carlsberg being there. Best night of my life.

Alright, well, tell me what you guys all think in the comments!

I Will Never Eat Popcorn Again (Also I Got Called the Correct Pronouns For the First Time!!!)

I was gendered correctly! Woohoo! But first, why I will never eat popcorn again:

So, I went to a new movie with my mother and my grandmother called Boss Baby. Don’t ask me anything about the movie because I couldn’t concentrate at all. Why? Well, I bought a big bag of popcorn to watch the movie with. One singular popcorn skin stuck in the back of my throat. So much pain….I finally got it out but there was still a cut. It was horrible. Well, it turns out that no. There was no cut. The piece of popcorn was at the back of my tongue, digging into the tissue of my tongue each time I swallowed. I got it out with a tooth brush luckily but it was really painful! But it’s gone now.

Alright, onto some more exciting news.

So, I started a new Shakespeare class because I absolutely love Shakespeare. The age range was worrisome because it included 8-year-olds (meaning I’d be the oldest and probably all the other kids would be 8-year-old girls who I have had very bad experiences with, dear god not the ponies again, NOT THE PONIES). Actually…there were three 8-year-old boys. At first I thought, “Oh gawd no.” because 8-year-old boys love potty humor and I hate potty humor. Well…it was actually really fun. I’ve always been automatically labeled as a “girl” so no boys wanted to hang out with me for fear of people thinking we’re dating (because of our heteronormative society). Well, these boys actually….gendered me correctly. This is the best part: The teacher thought I was a girl and I had to correct her but the boys knew right away that I was a boy. My guess is that the teacher (Katie) thought I was a girl because of my (unfortunately) naturally feminine body and face while all the boys saw was my Batman hoodie. Yeah, yeah, I know, girls can like Batman too, but this was just amazing. It was the first time I was actually ever gendered correctly by someone without having to tell them my pronouns! Later one of the boys asked me if I’m “a girl or a boy” and of course I wanted to say, “There aren’t only boys and girls,” but I just said that I’m a boy and he replied with, “Yeah, I thought you were but I just wanted to make sure.” It was really great to finally be called the right gender without having to correct the person first.

Sexism vs Homophobia

I was talking with my mom about how LGBTQ+ people, especially gay men, are shown in media. Just so you know going into this, this will mostly be about gay men since the characters in particular that we were talking about happen to be gay men. Well, I was saying how I hate the portrayal of Kurt Hummel from ‘Glee’ because of how much of a stereotype he is. He goes into the girls’ bathroom and literally calls himself an honorary girl! This is a direct quote from him:

“I thought we don’t get our periods until the end of the month.”

Gay men do not equal girls, ok?! Well, my mom brought up Mitchell and Cameron from ‘Modern Family’ because Cameron is into football and Mitchell is apparently very masculine. Well, actually, there is a whole episode about how Mitchell isn’t “masculine” enough to have a son and thus needs to blow things up to be masculine (cuz, you know, guys like blowing stuff up?) and I think we all know how ridiculous the Cameron liking football argument is. The guy wears pink striped shirts. His own husband and child constantly call him “she.” Let’s be real here. I know what you’re wondering….how does sexism come into play here? Well, I’m asking the same question, actually. My mom says that apparently these homophobic portrayals of men are…actually sexist. Because apparently it’s not stereotyping gay men as much as it’s stereotyping women. Uuuh…actually…we’re talking about men right now….gay men. This has nothing to do with women. My mom’s argument is that gay men being stereotyped as “effeminate” and “girly” is stereotyping women because….you know…..yoooooouuuuuu knooooooooow…..feminism.

Let me just get one thing straight here: I am not sexist. I consider myself a Humanist. I just don’t believe that the homophobic stereotype of gay men being effeminate is sexist because that doesn’t make any sense. I dunno. What do you guys think?

Tell me what you think in the comments! Hopefully I’ll have something more positive for my next post! Also…here’s a list of positive, non-stereotypical portrayals of gay men that I’ve found in media:

  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • The Fosters
  • Sam Smith (what? he’s awesome! and gay)

Yes, I know, the list is painfully short.