Feminine Words & How I Would Feel if Someone Called Me Them

Alright, so, there’s a blog I read called Not Another Aiden (http://notanotheraiden.com) and the author made a post in which he said his therapist told him to write a list of feminine words and how he feels about being called them. Well, I decided to do the same! Because…why not?

Girl – Ah, yes. My old nemesis. I’ve always hated the word girl and I think I always will. I cringe when I hear it used, even if it’s not used for me. It’s hard to say or even think this word just because of how much pain it’s brought me. Make no mistake, I have nothing against women, I only have a bone to pick with this word.

Woman – Honestly, especially since I’m a teenager, if someone called me a “woman” I would just cringe. It will never be something I’m able to identify with.

Tomboy – I understand that this still means *shiver* girl but somehow I’m actually ok with being called a Tomboy. Probably because it has boy in it. For a girl, I’ve always been a “Tomboy” and people have referred to me as such. Ironically, for a boy, I’m considered feminine.

Wife – Actually…I’m ok with this. I can’t really see myself being called someone’s “husband” it just sounds weird to me. I could see myself being referred to as my spouse’s “wife” and not feel unhappy about it.

Chica and Fille – Alright, originally the author of Not Another Aiden did Mija and Mijita but I am not Latino nor do I know what either of those words mean. I am, however, French and I am learning French and Spanish so Chica and Fille seem more appropriate for me. Honestly, Fille is the worst possible thing I can imagine someone calling me other than girl. Fille means girl in French, so that’s no surprise. But Fille would just be painful. Chica, however, I am a bit more indifferent to. Honestly, it would probably just merit a confused look.

Ma’am – Honestly, all this would earn from me is an “ew.”

Miss – Same as Ma’am. Ew.

Lady – Oh Cheesus Christ! If someone called me lady I would immediately run screaming.

Princess – Wut…honestly, I’ve always been “that girl that likes superheroes more than Disney princesses” so I couldn’t imagine this coming up but I would really just be confused. I don’t like this word and probably never will. If someone called me this, I would immediately tell them to stop.

Diva – …No…thanks….

Mother – Ooh…no. I could never see myself as a “mother” or a “father” I could see “dad” but not mother or father. It wouldn’t really be a gender thing, those words just make me…uncomfortable. They feel so formal. In my family, I call my grandmother Nancy (well, that’s out of pure disrespect), things are pretty casual. We’ve never done mother or father and it would be weirder if I called my dad my father than if I called him daddy.

Mom/Mommy – No. No no no. Nooooo. Dad is ok. Daddy is…fine. But not mom or mommy. NO.

Daughter – Ha ha ha ha, go to hell. I’ve been called a “daughter” before by my father and I hate this word with every atom in my body. Child is ok but I would much rather son than anything.

Girlfriend – Eeeeeeew. If any of my girlfriends/boyfriends/otherfriends EVER called me this there would be a break up in their future. Or, at the very least, a stern talking to.

Aunt – Blech. I can’t see myself as an “aunt” possibly uncle but I don’t have any nieces/nephews/other at the moment so it’s hard to view myself that way.

Sister – No. Not under any circumstances. Even when I was pretending to be a girl, I absolutely hated how my dad’s nickname for me was “sister” and his nickname for my brother was “brother.” He called me sister a few months ago and I actually puked in my mouth. It felt like a kick to the stomach. I don’t really respect my dad, I never have, but I care about him a damn lot and calling me that was literally like he was kicking me in the stomach. He doesn’t understand what it feels like to be constantly misgendered all the time. He doesn’t understand what it feels like to have to work to look like my gender and still have people use the wrong pronouns for me all the time. He just doesn’t get it. The least he can do is use the right words for me.

Thanks for reading, I hope this didn’t turn into too much of a rant, I’ll hopefully have some more cheerful news on my recent love of Young Justice in the future. Again, thanks for reading, good night!

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