Welcome To Night Vale Fan Art

Hi, guys! Alright, today I’m going to show everyone some of my art of Night Vale


Here’s Cecil and Carlos. Meh, the hands and arms could’ve been better. Carlos’s nose should be way lower…this is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve done of them but it’s honestly not that good.


Here’s Cecil! I had to actually ask my mom to sit cross-legged to see how to draw this. I think it came out pretty good!


Here’s Team Night Vale Radio Station: Cecil and (soon-to-be dead/maimed/other) Kareem. I like them. Kareem’s design is pretty basic. I just came up with something quick and said, “Oh, yeah, that looks good.” For those curious people with bad eyesight, the papers Cecil is holding say “2:44 domestic violence 5:85” I guess they’re, like, police reports or something? Meh, it was either that or the infamously lazy hand-in-pocket.


Cecil and Carlos, because they’re adorable. D’aw….Carlos’s head shape is horrible in this. Cecil was originally accidentally having two eyes going different directions int his picture. But I fixed it! I like how his cute hair came out.

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