My Plushies Came!

Alright, story time: I ordered these two really expensive high-quality Undertale plushies (along with a Flowey fan club badge and a Papyrus shirt). Well, everything finally came yesterday! Here we go.


Here you can see the Papyrus and Sans plushies I got, the homemade Papyrus and Napstablook plushies that I made with my mom a few months ago, a dinosaur plush from a museum, my Kirby plush, and Pikachu. I swear my Pikachu is haunted. I woke up with it staring at me one time. And I specifically posed it to be facing the other way. Creepy.


Ah, yes! All of my plushies! Most of them pugs and dogs but you can also a Magenta plush (from Blue’s Clues) that I’ve had since I was, like, 4-years-old, Meta Knight’s sword (from Kirby, the sword is attached to a Meta Knight plush that’s buried under pugs), a Beefalo (from Don’t Starve), a giant pug (my biggest plush) and a small pug (my smallest plush), Kirby (from Kirby), Waddle Dee (from Kirby), the homemade Napstablook and Papyrus (made by me and my mom), and the store-bought Sans and Papyrus (from Undertale), and Pikachu (from Pokemon). Also a triceratops from a museum. Ah, my plushies. And yes, these are all on my bed and I sleep with them there. All of them.

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