My Top 5 Favorite Undertale Characters and Why I Love Them

My name is Drew and today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite video games ever…Undertale. This game has phenomenal characters, a deep story, and really fun mechanics. Not to mention the 8-bit art is pretty cool! I could talk all day about my theories about the characters and their relationships, the unanswered questions the story left us with and wether certain red-eyed children are actually evil or not, but I’m not going to talk about all that stuff because that would just turn out to be some weird rambling. Instead I’m going to present you with my top five favorite Undertale characters and why I love them!


(Please note, there will be spoilers for ALL runs.)


Ok, let’s get started!


5. Asgore – I Want So Badly To Offer You A Cup of Tea


Asgore, the King of All Monsters. He’s a big fuzzy pushover. Asgore is the anthropomorphic goat guy that happens to be the king of all monsters…and a real softie, too. He’s kind and gentle and quite lonely. A lot of people say they don’t like him cuz…you know…he kills children. But in reality…you like Sans and he kills children, too. At least Asgore feels remorse. Sans just makes fun of you.

Asgore’s children died and his wife left him. Honestly, this guy hasn’t had great luck. I really just want to give him a hug. He’s so much fun to draw, too! It’s hard to talk about him because you don’t really see very much of him but he’s quite honorable and he feels great remorse for having to hurt you. He’s good friends with Undyne (“the marshmallows always get stuck in his beard…”) and honestly there’s not much else I can say. I think he’s a good character and quite underrated. He has one of my favorite battle themes ever. On my first Pacifist run, he was the hardest boss I had to fight, other than maybe Mettaton EX. Asgore is a good character, I wish he was in a little more of the game.


4. Undyne – Anime Is Real, Right?!



Ah, Undyne! A spunky fish-lady with anger issues. Undyne is the reason I first played Undertale. My friend recommended the game to me because there’s a few Nonbinary characters (MK, Frisk, Riverperson, etc) and because of the canon lesbian couple of Undyne and Alphys. I knew the second I first saw a picture of Undyne that I would love this character! And I did. She’s an awesome character! I enjoy her attitude of refusing to ever give up! And her design can stay scary and awesome at the same time. Her boss fight was one of my favorites, too! And I can’t say it didn’t help that she likes Papyrus almost as much as I do. She’s a great fighter and a valiant enemy and damn that hair…that hair. I enjoyed her story, trying to befriend her was very fun (and kind of scary) and I thought her comparison of me to Asgore was kind of a coincidence since he’s my 5th favorite character…. Her design is amazing. Drawing her is really hard. I’ll try again and again to get her armor to look right but I never can. Undyne is a great character. In my opinion, she’s way underrated.


3. Sans – My Bro Would Really Like To See A Human So I’d Appreciate It If You’d Keep Pretending To Be One


Yeah, I know the title is long. That’s one of my favorite quotes and I just HAD to have it be the title!

SANS, STOP PLAGUING MY LIFE WITH INCIDENTAL MUSIC! Sans is a fat, smiling little skeleton man who’s the big brother of Papyrus. He and Flowey fought for second place….and Flowey won. Even though in a fight with the two of them, Sans would probably win. But, *ahem* anyway, Sans is a very mysterious character. He knows more than he’s letting on. He makes himself out to be a harmless townie. 1 HP, 1 ATK, 1 DEF, 1 hit kill. Easy peasy, just hit ’em once and he’s dead, not that he’d ever fight anybody, he’s just a townie. A bystander. Even if you kill all of his friends, by which I mean his brother and the old lady he talks to through a door….yeah, he’s kind of lonely, he won’t come after you. Maybe he would the first time. Maybe the second. Maybe the third. But…honestly…at this point…what’s the point? You’ll just reset, they’ll all be back, there’s no point. Yes, you heard that right, he REMEMBERS the other timelines. No one knows how but this little skeleton actually remembers the timelines. That’s not all, folks, cuz he can also put up one HELL of a fight! He may only have one 1 HP, 1 ATK, and 1 DEF but he can fight like nobody’s business. I’m telling you, this guy is crazy. It’s impossible to kill him. I know what you’re thinking, “Dude. You have a knife. He has 1 HP.” Well, sorry to burst your bubble but…uh…he can dodge. Yeah, he’s the only Undertale character that can dodge your attacks. Weird. And this guy is supposed to be some weird sad comedian townie. Honestly, Sans is a really great character. When you first see him, you expect him to be, like, a sad drunk hobo that’s just there for the funny dialogue but he has a lot more to him. He’s treated like a main character all throughout Pacifist and Neutral, he comes to save you from Asgore, he’s one of the lost souls, he’s there when the barrier is broken, etc, but you don’t even fight him. All the other main characters fight you (or do whatever Papyrus does) but not Sans….Mettaton was not made a main character, despite being a boss, so that there would be an even number of characters. So why Sans? Why the non-boss character? Well, in Genocide you kill…everybody. Not just his friends. Not just his family. Not just some random drunkards at a bar he likes to go to. Everybody. That  is the one and only time when he comes after you. And he’s one hell of a boss fight. As for his design, I can’t say much. It’s simple…to a fault. He looks creepy but that’s kind of it. I think the rest of his character makes up for it, though. Ok, I’ve talked way too much about him, onto the next!


2. Flowey – Stop Making That Creepy Face!


Flowey. Holy crap was this a close tie with Sans for second. But I had to choose Flowey. Look at this guy! Look at him! He’s. A. Flower. So, I bet you are wondering why he’s so great that he took second instead of the older skelebro. Well, we’ll start with Flowey’s backstory. He used to be Asriel, the prince of all monsters and King Asgore’s son. Why is this so interesting? Well, he died. His dust was left on the flowers in Asgore’s garden. Alphys took one of those flowers and injected it with the determination to live…and that flower became Flowey. You can’t tell me that’s not cool. Flowey became this soulless shell of what he once was. Pretty edgy flower. Yet, even if Flowey is a huge jerk, he’s still a controlled jerk. He remembers the other timelines but he doesn’t mess everything up. He could tell everybody about the other timelines just because…he can! But, he only makes minor adjustments (talking to Papyrus, putting the note in Alphys’s trash etc) he never does anything too game changing. And, when you think about it, he’s actually kind of the saddest character in the game which makes you feel bad for him and want to hug him. He reminds me of Kevin from Night Vale: he used to be good but then Strex Corp. turned him evil he lost his ability to feel emotions and now he’s just desperately trying to feel love. Not LOVE, love. But he can’t. No matter what he does, he can’t feel love…not even for his own mother. Quite a sad state of affairs. Also, his design is amazing. It’s simple yet it still gives off that feeling of being creepy and cute at the same time. And I love all of his different faces, too. He’s such a fun character to draw! Honestly, Flowey is a great character. My favorite part of him, by far, is doing his little voice. Flowey deserves some love, not LOVE.


Alright, it’s time. It’s time for my favorite Undertale character EVER…

But first…


Honorable Mentions


Frisk – Frisk is great. They’re just so fun and emotionless. I love them especially because it’s a big win for the Transgender community to have a canonically Nonbinary character in such a popular video game. But, alas, they do not have much of a personality so it would be pretty hard to write about how much I love them. Frisk is truly a mystery.


Toriel – Goat mom! You GOAT to love her. She’s Toriel! Toriel is a kind and caring old lady but something about her personality just doesn’t appeal to me that much and that made it hard to put her in my top 5…maybe next time, old lady.


Temmie – You are filled with Detemmienation. I love the Tems! I played the Tem Datyng Sym, that’s how much I love the Tems. But, honestly, they aren’t main characters and it’s very hard to put them in. I thought about doing it anyway as a joke but….honestly, I just couldn’t give up one of the spaces for a joke.


Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap – ARE YOU CHERISHING IT?! CHERISH HARDER!


Alright, here we go…it’s time. The big #1 is…


1. Papyrus – I Still Believe In You, You Can Do A Little Bit Better, Even If You Don’t Think So!





Yes, yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Him? Omfg….why?!”

Well, I’m here to tell you why. Papyrus is the only character in Undertale that doesn’t try or want to kill you. Go on, fight him, and TRY to die. TRY. You can’t. It’s impossible. He can’t kill you. That is how kind and sweet this little skeleton is. And sure he’s arrogant but he deserves to be. Think about Genocide. You literally cut off his head and he still believes in you. His head is sitting on the ground, his body turned to dust, and he says, “I still believe in you! You can do a little bit better, even if you don’t think so!” That made me cry. No, “Why would you do this? I thought we were friends?” No, “You’re evil! Undyne will strike you down!” No, “Alphys has to evacuate everyone!” No, he believes in you. He believes that you are a good person. But, back to Pacifist, listen to Catty and Bratty’s famous line, “We’re so hyped for the destruction of humanity!” Funny, right? Well, they’re talking about you dying. Look at Toriel, she can actually kill you (I died to her, don’t judge me), or Undyne (well, she’s actively trying to kill you) or Mettaton! He wants to kill you just to become a star. But Papyrus? He is the only character who doesn’t know what Undyne will do with you when he sends you to her. He is the only character you fight that actually can’t kill you. I think that makes up for his arrogance. Also, his design is adorable. Lookit:


And he has my favorite Undertale theme ever: Bonetrousle! Papyrus is a great character and I could talk about him all day.

Hold on though, look at Papyrus’s outfit in the first picture, that’s his “battle body” which Sans says that he made with Papyrus which means Sans probably made it. That’s some fancy sewing work, Sans, nice job.

Also, I love doing Papyrus’s voice…so much fun…and Papyrus has the best quotes ever. #BathingInKisses

No doubt about it, Papyrus is my favorite character. 4th was a big fight between Undyne and Asgore (with Undyne winning) and 2nd was a big fight between Sans and Flowey (with Flowey winning) but there was never even a question about Papyrus being #1. When I first saw Papyrus in the game, I knew he was going to be my favorite character. He was my favorite then, and he still is now, after nearly a year of playing and loving the game.



Well, I hope you guys liked this. I worked pretty hard on it. So, have fun and stay determined!

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