I Draw: Harvey’s Evolution

Who remembers Harvey? Everybody? For those who don’t, Harvey Bay Bastion is my character and the main character of my webcomic (link opens in new tab) and I draw him quite a lot. So, a while back I posted a timeline of Harvey’s different looks throughout the ages. Well, I’m back with some NEW art of everybody’s favorite ginger! Get ready!

harvey with freckles ginger green eyes cute sweater heart happy love
When I first introduced Harvey’s freckles I drew this. xP
glitch harvey computer ginger hair green eyes freckles ripped shirt 999 background
This was inspired by Echo by CircrushP (CircusP + CrusherP) a Vocaloid Gumi song.
gravity falls monster harvey four arms full-body wings ginger freckles bill cipher
When I first created Harvey, he lived in the town of Eerie Creek, a swampy forest-centered town where toxic waste had seeped into the water system and everyone had become mutants except for Harvey’s scientist husband, Kaden. It’s quite a different Harvey but I really liked his mutant design that was based on an angel with wings and multiple arms.
cutesy harvey pink sillhouette ginger green eyes green sweater collared shirt heart adorable sweet silly
This is the most recent. My art style has changed so much and this is currently my favorite picture that I’ve ever drawn.

Reopening/My Secret Li’l Hobby

Wooo, so sorry guys! I haven’t been on in so long…but I’m back, I swear! So, I must reveal something…I consider myself a Wiccan and practice Witchcraft. Yesterday my dad and I found a witchcraft store (it wasn’t open) so we went today! They had a whole rack of what looked to be nearly 100 different herbs. It was a buy-one-get-one free so I got two and a potion glass. I made a pretty cool intelligence/healing potion with those herbs and some catnip leaves from my yard. Tonight is the Harvest Moon and I’m gonna burn some incense candles (mmm french vanilla and amber).

Let’s Talk Vocaloid: Ranking My Favorite Vocaloids

As of late I’ve discovered a love for Vocaloid music.


Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application. The software enables users to synthesize singing by typing in lyrics and melody. It uses synthesizing technology with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers.

Thank you, Vocaloid Answers wiki.

May I also mention that there are Vocaloid mascots. Ever heard of Hatsune Miku? I’m guessing you have. She’s one of the biggest and most popular Vocaloid mascots. Well, today I’m going to be ranking my top 4 favorite Vocaloids of all time!

5 – IA

IA.png (source)

I just love IA’s voice and it certainly helps that she has such an adorable design! Favorite Song: Revenge Syndrome.

4 – Gumi

Unknown-259 (source)

Gumi’s design is so playful and cute with the perfect mix of green and orange. Her voice matches her playful design and she generally seems like a real cutie! Favorite Song: Invisible.

3 – Megurine Luka

Luka_v4x_final.png (source)

Luka has such a beautiful design and her voice is angelic! Her name means “songs to all around the world as scent spreads.” Cool, right? (Seriously, though, her hair is gorgeous.)

2 – SF-A2 Miki

8148-403102425 (source)

Miki is so cute, I love her star motif! Her sci-fi look is very refreshing, considering the common school-uniform look of most of the mascots. Her voice is adorable and I just love her songs! Favorite Song: iNSaNiTY.

And last but not least…..


KAITO vocaloid.jpg (source…actually, I drew this myself, heh heh heh)

I know, I know, everyone loves KAITO but he is pretty awesome. His design is just soooooo….blue! And blue is my favorite color. I love his voice, it’s a refreshing difference to the trend of Vocaloids with high and squeaky voices. I can’t help it. I just love KAITO.


Well, thank you for reading this, I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with my fanning.

Tell me your favorite Vocaloid(s) in the comments!

I Draw: Very Random, Lots of Stuff

Yeah, I have some random character for you guys today! (also some random fan art <-<)

nara portrait
A character named Nara. I’m not sure what I’ll do with her yet but I have a few ideas… (btw her eye is white, I wasn’t just too lazy to color it *cough cough* I totally was *cough cough*)
chara from undertale
A cute little doodle of Chara from Undertale.
frisk undertale cute
A doodle of Frisk from Undertale.
cassidy bastion harvey's sister
Harvey’s sister, Cassidy.
harvey and kaden together forever stup(id)endous
Harvey ❤ Kaden. I’m pretty sure this is Kaden’s final design.
demon drake adams
Drake Adams, a businessman. Or shall I say….business DEMON? His human name is Drake Adams but his demon name is Kirā Akuma (which literally translates to Killer Demon or, since Akuma is his first name, Demon the Killer). Also….lol Kiss tongue.

Writing A Different Type of Depressed Character

When you’re writing, depressed characters are an appealing option. They’re so easy to expand a story upon: there’s the backstory of why they’re depressed, the story of how they get help, and romantic interests seem like angels because they’re interested in someone who’s depressed. But when I write a depressed character I try to avoid tropes. This makes things a lot harder. Ahem, I should warn you…there will be mention of suicide and self-harm. (Note: DC means depressed character.)

Depressed Character Tropes

The Loner – This is a trope in which the DC is a loner with no friends and usually little to no family.

The Cutter – This is a trope in which the DC is constantly doing self-harm. Often their parents don’t even notice…somehow.

The Tsundere – This is a trope in which the DC is constantly rude to everyone and justified with “they’re depressed, what do you expect?” Usually they’ll find someone they like (romantically) but try to hide it and deny it for no apparent reason.

Mr/Ms/Mx Obvious – This is a trope in which the DC is obviously depressed to everyone, yet no one makes any attempt to help them except the love interest.


These are just a few tropes I’ve found. There are plenty more. But these are the tropes I tried to (mostly) avoid when creating Harvey.

harvey portrait.JPG

Harvey Bay Bastion is a young, middle-class gay man with a love of animals and a low-paying job as a barista. Harvey’s only ever had a few boyfriends and things ended badly with all of them and no one really understands why.

You see, Harvey is depressed. But his cutesy, cheerful exterior hides that. Unless you can get close, really close, to him, he won’t show you the side of him that’s constantly scared and lonely. The side that remembers the abuse he suffered for years from his own mother. The side that remembers holding the hand of his dying father. The side that remembers walking in on his brother having killed himself. Harvey’s been alone his whole life and that does something to a person. He acts like a crazy cat-loving barista but every second of every day for him is filled with paranoia that someone might find out who he really is.

But the happier side of Harvey isn’t necessarily fake. He does love cats. He’s a kind, sweet, bubbly man. But everyone has multiple sides to them.

I have given into the Cutter trope with Harvey, but only a bit. He doesn’t hurt himself constantly without any consequences like is common with this trope. Instead he has bursts of self-harm that send him to the hospital.

I really tried to stay away from the trope of him falling love making his depression instantly gone. Harvey is newly married to Kaden Clament and Kaden understands that Harvey is depressed and constantly urges him to get help but Harvey would rather just sweep it under the rug and pretend he’s fine.

I also tried to avoid Harvey having little to no family. He’s the youngest of five. The sister of the two oldest (twins) is the one he’s closest with. The brother of the twins is the one who killed himself. I haven’t developed the other two very much yet but I’m working on them. I might make another post about his siblings in the future.

Anyway, I hope you liked this! Please tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading ~

Pride Flags: List

Here is a list of LGBT pride flags! Please comment any that I have missed! Please do not debate with me “who is LGBT.” Please note that this is a work in progress and I will be adding more. If you don’t see your flag, leave a comment and I’ll try and add it!



Gay_flag-1.svg (this also sometimes stands for the LGBT community as a whole)


images-440.jpeg (source)

Lipstick Lesbian

PrideFlags_lipstick.jpg (source)


220px-Bi_flag.svg.png (source)

AsexualAceFlag-1.png (source)

Pansexual2000px-Pansexuality_flag.svg (source)


Unknown-25.png (exact source unknown but it came from somewhere on Pinterest)

Romantic Orientations


Tumblr_inline_nelzuzwZam1s9h54v.jpg (source)

Gender Identities

Transgender1280px-Transgender_Pride_flag.svg (source)


Agender_flag (source unknown)


Explaining My Abrosexuality

I want to talk about Abrosexuality. Specifically my Abrosexuality. Please note: I am only talking for myself, I cannot speak for anyone else who is Abrosexual. I have also never met another Abrosexual person in my life.

Q: How would you date/marry someone if who you’re attracted to changes so much?

I’ve realized that it’s not who I’m attracted to that changes. It’s what. On days when I’m attracted to men, I still have a crush on that cute blonde girl. You know….that one. It’s more like I’ll find men attractive sometimes and other times I’ll find women attractive. Then there are those times when I find no one attractive. No one.

Q: So you change your label every day?

Not necessarily. Wether I feel gay one day or straight the other, I always say Pansexual (sometimes Bisexual depending on who I’m talking to). It’s just easier.

Q: So it’s seriously every day?

Not really. I’ve experienced being gay for weeks. I was Ace for a week one time. It’s kind of similar to Genderfluidity.

Q: Does media influence it?

I’m not sure if media really influences it but the environment I’m in definitely does.

Q: What about your gender?

Well, I’m a Transgender boy. Like…always. Seriously. It’s pretty solid. The only thing in my life that is these days.


Thanks for reading! I’ll take more questions in the comments so if you’re wondering anything about me, my gender, my sexuality, etc, just ask! I promise to answer (unless it’s inappropriate)!

Don’t Flatter Yourself

Something you will probably hear if you come out/already have heard when you came out was as gay/lesbian/bisexual/etc is, “Do you like me?” It comes in many incarnations. One friend of mine just repeatedly said, “Please don’t have a crush on me, please don’t have a crush on me, please don’t have a crush on me.” And I’m not even going to say how purely homophobic that is.

When I first identified as lesbian, I came out to a few friends. I remember several reactions. Most people were casually homophobic. They’d not say anything but ignore me completely (even if I talked to them), be generally rude, and scoff whenever I said anything related to my lesbianism. This is the type of thing that slowly but steadily breaks you, instead of the fast stuff like, “You know you’re going to hell, right?”

Now, then there was my grandma. My grandma is several years behind considering my identity because she’s horribly homophobic so I opted out of telling her. But eventually it came up when I had a girlfriend. She got upset because I was talking about my girlfriend and my 5-year-old (Edit: What? He’s 7 years old now? Ooooh…) was sitting there and playing. She told me several things like how I’m mixing up “friendship” with “romance” and how she had the “same thing” when she was “my age” but then she met her current husband and “realized that was real love.” I was flabbergasted. What I expected was something far more casual like just asking me not to talk about my femalexfemale romances. I knew my grandmother was homophobic but I didn’t expect this. All I could do was just…laugh. I mean…it was like a TV show with a homophobic mother who says, “Johnny! You’re going to hell! HELL, JOHNNY!”

Let me say, though, one thing. When I was lesbian-identifying I did say something that now deeply embarrasses and bothers me. I said that Bisexual people were “greedy.” But I must say, I did not mean it and regretted it literally minutes after I said it.

So, if you’ve been following my blog for a while you may know that I’m Pansexual. Or so I say. I’m not really Pansexual. Well, I am…sort of.

I am…


But I’m also Panromantic. When I say Abrosexual usually I get, “Huh? What’s that?” or “That’s not real.” So, I just ended up going with Pansexual. By now almost everybody knows that. Not even people in the LGBTQ+ community know what Abrosexuality is. I’ll have to do more on that in another post but I want to talk more about the title topic.

One of the most frustrating responses to a coming out is the “Do you like me?” response. Because what you want to say is, “Don’t flatter yourself, *sshole.” But you can’t say that unless you want to burn some serious bridges. So, what do you say instead? Uuuuum…


It’s not as satisfying and sometimes the person won’t even believe you but…what else do you say?

“Yes, because I am gay, I am clearly attracted to everyone.”


Bury Your Gays/Why I Love Welcome To Night Vale

Bury Your Gays is a trope in which LGBT characters are killed. Normally I would talk about how Transgender people get…um…0 representation. Like, seriously 0. But instead I want to talk about this trope about LGB characters. No T involved.

You see, most LGB characters in media these days are being represented and then killed or just…they’re side characters who are never in the show soyoucanjustassumetheyhaveahappyendinghahahahawe’reprogressive!

But seriously. This is really a problem. I mean you either have this:

Unknown-254 (thank you, Pinterest)

Or this:

6359400719444181801147179582_tumblr_o451i4NCB81udqpixo7_1280.png (image provided by https://www.theodysseyonline.com/essay-importance-queer-female-death-tv )

Can we not just have normal human characters who don’t die and aren’t insane stereotypes? Is that a possibility?

This is where Welcome To Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead (by the same people) come in.

Welcome To Night Vale


Welcome To Night Vale is a comedy podcast about the community radio of a small desert community called Night Vale. Night Vale is different than other towns in that it features many worrisome creatures such as the five-headed dragons (R. I. P. Violet, you will be missed), the Glow Cloud (all hail), the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, and more. Welcome To Night Vale has several Queer characters, but most notably is the main character of the show, Cecil Gershwin Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin). Cecil is married to a man (a latino scientist named Carlos). They’re relationship is sweet, healthy, and normal. And neither of them are stereotyped. Cecil even confirms that he’s openly gay not Bisexual, in case anyone is wondering (door’s still open for Carlos, though). And there was a character Carlos encountered who is neither a man nor woman (AKA Nonbinary). Also Maureen (one of the only surviving interns of the Night Vale radio station) is a lesbian (indicated by her repeatedly telling Cecil that she “doesn’t like boys” when he said he found a certain man unattractive and her relationship with Michelle). There are a few other less prominent queer characters but I think I’ve covered the most prominent ones here so far. Whenever I think of really amazing representation of LGBT characters, I think of Night Vale.

Now, on the other hand, for lesbian/(female) Bisexual viewers there is also…

Alice Isn’t Dead


By the same team as Welcome To Night Vale, Alice Isn’t Dead is about an unnamed woman (voiced by Jasika Nicole) searching the country in a truck to find her presumed dead wife, Alice, while coming across strange and horrifying creatures on the way. At first glance, this looks like the Bury Your Gays trope. “Dead wife? C’mon.” But no. The name of the podcast is Alice Isn’t Dead. This show certainly has some strong female representation, but just a warning…don’t listen to it at night…alone…in the dark. I made that mistake. It was a very, very big mistake.

There are a handful of media outlets that include LGBT characters, these are the best of that handful that I’ve found but I would love to know what ones you recommend! Tell me in the comments and I hope you liked this blog post!

Thanks for reading ~